Big Money! DAP Embezzled State Fund To Sponsor Red Bean Army


Red Bean Army, a ‘cyber army’ funded by DAP is understood to have been established since the past 4 to 6 years. Their strength is estimated at the number between 2000 to 3000, multiplied with 10 to 20, with the access to the internet (Facebook, twitter, email, comments etc) reaches around 60,000. This strength is then multiplied if rakyat are fooled by this and ‘continued’ their work through social media.

Red Bean Army headquarters in Bangunan Komtar, Penang and another one in Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The payment for each and one of them averages around RM3000-RM8000.

Their tasks are as follows:

– attacking pro-government websites

– attacking pro-government activists’ social networking site.

– spreading anti-government materials.

– rebutting pro-government comments in alternative media.

– stopping responses from the government from reaching rakyat through internet.

– stopping any programs which could provide credit to the government

– spreading information which provides credit to DAP

Their modus operandi is to create allegations or half-true fictions, manipulating information, criticizing the government and spreading those things as viral as they can.

Their main objective is to raise hate against the government.

Thus, it is not surprising why such small issue, such as the event in KFC where a Chinese customer was hit by Malay employee for yelling at him, was turned into a racist issue and went viral in the internet within 24 hours, and later shared by pro-opposition portals such as Malaysiakini which then receive thousands of pro-opposition comments in a blink of an eye.

The video is then spread by blogs and websites, turning it into a huge issue. If the issue works out, it would be picked up by foreign media, and it could picture Malaysia as an unsafe country.

In short, the existence of DAP’s cyber army should not be taken lightly because the Rohingya ethnic cleansing which happened in Myanmar also happened with the spread of false information through the internet as this.

What’s worse, to reach their objective, DAP is willing to go even further to the point of threatening.

The ones who became the victim to DAP are not just politicians, regular rakyat and celebrities who openly support Barisan Nasional government also became the victim. Korean artist, Psy, was one of the victim of DAP’s threat as he accepted the invitation from MCA to perform in Penang not long ago. Other celebrities who went through the same thing include Leng Yen, Jackie Chan and Dato’ Michelle Yeoh. Another two artists from Taiwan, getting the same threat, decided to cancel their show here. Even world famous monk, Master Hsing Yun became the victim of DAP when he made statements complimenting Dato’ Seri Najib’s leadership.

What DAP supporters themselves might not believe is that, the threats made are not just done in the cyber world, it is done in reality as well. If the victim still resist, the threats will continue and it goes a lot ‘further’.

This matter is revealed by Shen Yee Aun, former Secretary DAP Youth who is now active in helping MCA in his direct involvement in NGO that is government friendly. Yee Aun was a graduate from Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD), an organization ‘owned’ by Anwar Ibrahim. From there, he was persuaded by DAP to join the party and help them in their ‘war against government’. Yee Aun accepted the job to work under DAp and given a high post.

However, Yee Aun came to a point where he can no longer threat anyone and he would not see this country being led by such cruel people.

He first went against DAP in 2010 by revealing the party’s iron-fist ruling and how the party was not transparent in handling the issue in Klang then. Bit by bit Yee Aun began to openly criticize DAP before taking the decision to leave DAP. He is now active in revealing all the dirty operations and DAP’s bad agenda planned for Malaysia.

According to him, there was a case where DAP threaten family of the party’s target. They stole the victim’s father’s car, then the mother’s, and few other threats which traumatized the family. This is not shocking because even Tony Phua did not deny the existence of Red Bean Army in his statement to Malaysiakini and explained that the role of this army is to ‘kill people’.

And with what Yee Aun went through, we are not surprised that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide when he became a problem for DAP.

What was revealed may be tough to accept with thousands of DAP’s cuber army ready to block and defend the party in the internet. Any issues revealing their weaknesses will be blocked in a way where this army, which come in thousands, would report the report as ‘span’ so that it would not reach internet readers.

The work of this army seem effective among undecided voters. Seeing positive comments given to DAP, this group seem to get the perception that DAP is in the right side and people such as Yee Aun has been ‘bought’ by the government.

However, is this group would take a little more time to look for the truth, they definitely would know that Yee Aun is not the only one revealing DAP’s iron-fist and bad agenda. Tunku Abdul Aziz, ADP former Chairman, former DAP ADUN, Teja R. K. Muthu, former ADUN Malim nawar Keshvinder Singh a/l Kashmir Singh and even recently, DAP Johor Chairman, Dr. Boo Cheng Hau also resigned from the party on the same reason, because they can no longer take the iron-fist ruling practiced by Lim Kit Siang and his family.

If that is not enough to make us think about how dangerous DAp is, then think of how could DAP pay for their huge cyber army?

Obviously state fund from Selangor and Penang are used for this matter. Aren’t those rakyat’s money? Tax payers’ money? Where is DAP’s competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) in this?

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