Jasbir Singh Chahl had spoken and left no stones unturned. As architect for the purchase of Scorpene submarines, he related the whole event, the truth to clear every suspicious and misconception.

“I am willing to swear on my holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, that I did not know this person, that she was never part of the team, had never met her, that she was never in France during the entire time we were there trying to close the deal and only knew about her when I read the papers in 2006 that they had found her body,” he told NST in an exclusive interview.

One of the myths that has been “accepted” as gospel was that Altantuya had acted as a translator for Abdul Razak Baginda, who had helped Chahl broker the deal.

Negotiations began in 2000 and were concluded in 2002. If Altantuya was indeed Razak Baginda’s interpreter, she should have been present at all the meetings from 2000.

And yet, in official French documents that were made available to the NST, the French police have stated categorically that Altantuya never entered France from 1999 to 2006, the year she died.

With official statements and documents, Anwar Ibrahim and Suaram should now come out in the open and deny those – complete with documents and first had statements.

All this while Suaram and Anwar have been misleading Malaysians into believing that Prime Minister and wife were involved in the murder of Mongolian citizen Altantuya Shariibu.

Now the truth has come out and the onus is on Suaram and Anwar to admit the truth or rebut it with documents and statements.

There should be no more delay in rebutting or admitting because it has been nearly five years Suaram and Anwar had been on the subject, pounding in the minds of Malaysians of the purported or alleged cruelty.

Suaram and Anwar even brought to Malaysia the late Altantuya’s father, putting unnecessary pressure on the government and Prime Minister.

Yes, it is true that Suaram is Anwar’s tool to bring down Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak as Prime Minister and that Altantuya was their best bet to achieve their goal.

But God is Mightiest and God showed the truth – although late but that is God’s way – and with the truth, we want to know what Suaram and Anwar will do?

Now Suaram and Anwar should admit their wrong and apologise publicly or rebut Jasbir Singh with proof.

Lets see from now what more evil plans Suaram and Anwar have with the truth now in the open.

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