Utama GAYA HIDUP Acer Introduces Windows 8 Tablets with Docks: Iconia W510

Acer Introduces Windows 8 Tablets with Docks: Iconia W510

The Iconia W510 includes a 10.1-inch IPS display and a detachable chiclet keyboard dock that doubles as an extended battery, enabling up to 18 hours of use. You can also rotate the device 295 degrees for presentations — assuming you’re lecturing a small group and not a packed auditorium, of course.

On the bottom, there’s a docking port and latch, speakers on each side, a SIM card slot, microSD, micro-USB and HDMI ports, followed by a volume rocker and microphone on the right, along with a power button, lock toggle and headphone jack up top.

The dock itself includes a full-size USB 2.0 port on the right hand side and a proprietary connector on the left. Both the tablet and dock are very thin and light, and offer very responsive performance — no qualms there.

Sadly, there’s no detailed specs, pricing and availability to speak of just yet — we’re hoping to see that hit later in the week. For a closer look, hop over to our pair of hands-on videos just past the break.

From a chart shown at Acer’s press conference, it looks like the Acer Iconia W510 will run from $599 to $799 when it becomes available.

We’ll be updating with more specs as we get them.


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