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BERITAENGLISH17 Best Promises In BN Manifesto #GE13 #ManifestoBN

17 Best Promises In BN Manifesto #GE13 #ManifestoBN

Manifesto BN
Manifesto BN

Barisan Nasional’s Manifesto was launched with success yesterday. All in all, the manifesto was complimented and described as one of the best as it covers all aspects.

At the same time, it is not wrong for us to say that even Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto is great as everything is for free, cheap and easy, like living in heaven.

However, as how people say it, nothing is ever too good to be true. This is proven when Pakatan Rakyat themselves admitted that their 2008 manifesto were not promise.

Thus, it is not surprising when most of their promises were broken just like that. Some of their leaders even stated that it was their mistake for making too many promises for the previous election.

Actually, it is okay to make promises, as long as it is sincere and it is logical to be implemented. That is why, before any promises are made, we need to first think, research and analyse everything to ensure that it can be kept.

Unlike PR, until now, BN has proven itself as a party which never break their promise. BN is even brave enough to make the term ‘Janji Ditepati’ (Promises Kept) as its previous Independence slogan. There is no way that the slogan would be picked if BN is not serious with its promises.

Realizing that BN is really responsible, it is not surprising why rakyat cannot wait for BN Manifesto to be announced. And clearly, the promises did not disappoint anyone.

Few of the promises include:

1. Easing Cost Of Living

2. Uplifting Urban Well-being

3. Access to Quality Health Services

4. Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation

5. World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation

6. Strengthening Women’s Participation

7. Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy

8. Building towards Educational Excellence

9. Enhancing Security and Public Safety

10. Nurturing Youth

11. Weaving a Network of Social Safety Nets

12. Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony

13. Fighting the Scourge of Corruption

14. Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance

A few of the promises above are not new, they include, Easing Cost Of Living where it provides the BR1M and KR1M schemes. However, the interesting part is that the promise is upgraded in terms of amount and time period where the scheme will now be implemented annually.

The same thing goes to promises of fighting against corruption, efficiency in public service, affordable homes, enhancing security and others where they are promises which have been implemented, it is just that those things will be enhanced and upgraded.

That is why, PR Manifesto might sound a lot nicer, but it is nothing to be compared to BN Manifesto which is deemed as a pledge from the Prime Minister himself.

With the fact that PR is unable to implement their promises in their previous manifesto, it would be a bit unwise for rakyat to keep on trusting the opposition, this time around.

Because, in shaping the future of our country, family and ourselves, we should hold onto something certain. We cannot take the risk of handing our future to some party which cannot be trusted where even up until now, we are still unsure of who will become their Prime Minister.

Fact is, BN is a concrete and strong party. We believe in Dato’ Seri Najib as Prime Minister, and we are certain that BN Manifesto is a form of a pledge.



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