Utama POLITIK What If It Was Sin Yee Who Flashed?

What If It Was Sin Yee Who Flashed?

PR is lucky that only Muhammad Ammar got out of control that he began flashing during the eve of our national Independence Day. Just think of what would happen if it was the female BERSIH supporter, Sin Yee did the same too?

Obviously the celebration would be even more ‘cheerful’ during the Janji Bersih rally that night. The ‘Reform’ chants might have also been a lot louder that night, or even worse, everyone just might have flashed as well.

They are lucky that Sin Yee did not do the same thing. If not, PAS would have had a hard time to turn the action as something halal even though they did not do the same thing.

Even now, we could see that even though Tok Guru Nik Aziz criticized the actions of those two, PAS supporters seems to be a bit ‘heavy’ to accept the criticism. Instead, they tried to divert the topic to other things whenever this matter is raised by their opponent.

We are aware that it is not impossible for Sin Yee to flash as well and her actions would be followed by other supporters, and PAS would have to defend their actions. Perhaps they would say that it is okay to do such thing if people are oppressed.

Even now, some Pakatan Rakyat members are defending Ammar while criticizing his parents for handing him to the authority.

This is just as same as when Tok Guru Nik Aziz defended the book written by Shahnon Ahmad which was filled with insults towards our country’s leaders. His excuse at that time was that ‘Allah also curses’, and he provided example from a verse from the quran, ‘they are damned’.

We are not surprised if Nik Aziz would use the same excuse because we are certain that he failed in Bahasa Melayu for not being able to differentiate between ‘cursing’ and using hard words to stress Allah’s rage towards those who do not listen.

But luckily this time around, Nik Aziz did not defend Ammar, he instead criticized him. And once again they are lucky that Sin Yee did not do the same because if she did, who knows what Nik Aziz would say. Who knows he would say that since Sin Yee is not a Muslim, her actions should not be questioned? Just so that he could cater for DAP?

Besides, aren’t DAP is the party which is working hard to defend Sin Yee and it is obvious that they are working hard to politicize Sin Yee’s rudeness just like how they politicized Teoh Beng Hock’s death? Sin Yee is now being turned to a ‘hero’ just because her hands were cuffed when she was arrested.

Would Nik Aziz turn her to a ‘hero’ as well?

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