2013 Alternative Budget: Another One Of Anwar’s Lies

In 2012, the government had presented the national Budget with the amount of RM232.8 billion, and PR only put their budget around RM220 billion even after considering all of the expenditures which they have ‘promised’ to rakyat.

This year, as usual, PR rushed to lead the government in presenting the 2012 budget. PR’s fantasy budget for 2013 puts around RM233 billion with 3.5% deficit compared to 4.4% deficit during 2012 presentation.

It seems like Anwar Ibrahim is convinced that rakyat can easily be manipulated with empty promises which are illogical. He does not seem to regret anything even though all of their promises such as the one in Buku Jigga was laughed at because if those things were to be implemented, the country could go bankrupt within two years.

We are well aware that Anwar Ibrahim has no shame. That is why he proudly presented PR’s Alternative Budget. This fantasy budget was prepared without even having too get any feedbacks nor further researches from the Inland Revenue Board, Custom and other organizations which needs to be done by any government to ensure that the budget would be practical and precise. Instead, PR’s fantasy budget only needed a few ideas which were projected by PR politicians and that is about it.

We do not need to go far to be able to see that their budget is not credible. Just one thing, for example their 2012 budget, the abolishment of corporate subsidy such as IPP, to rakyat in general.

In a way, the abolishment of corporate subsidy would burden business owners with high cost of business. That is why, to ensure that their business would survive, they would need to increase the price of goods. Thus, the ones who would suffer then would be rakyat, in general.

But, Anwar had promised that price of goods would never go up despite of the abolishment of corporate subsidy and increased government expenditures due to his sweet promises. Even in the same budget, Anwar did not even present anything about ways for the government to generate income to cover all the extra costs which he had given.

Instead, he only promises money-saving methods with just getting rid of corruption and by increasing the quality of work in administration without even justifying how it would save money and the expected amount of money which can be saved. Besides that, Anwar is also imagining that Petronas is the only source of income without even thinking of any long term effects.

It is clear that things that Anwar had presented on 2012 did not follow the economic laws, illogical and it could harm the country.

Economy is no simple math where the numbers never change. Economy is like a huge chain where everything has its own effects, something that is hard for Anwar to grasp.

Costs can only be transferred from one side to another side and it cannot be banished just like that. Thus, Anwar cannot promise cost reduction to only one side and ignore other side which might suffer teh consequences. If the government were to take all of the costs which surrounds business owners and consumers, it could go banckrupt within a short period of time.

And it seems like Anwar is still yet to really learn anything about economy. That is why he is adding more things to his already sweet promises in Buku Jingga into this Fantasy Budget, few of it include increasing 5% for police officers’ salary and salary increase for medical staffs at 20%.

Few of the promises in Buku Jigga Include:


RM (Billion)

Abolishing Toll


Free Wifi


Fuel royalty to oil and gas producing state


Minimum household income worth RM4,000


Reduce price of vehicles


Free education


Teacher’s RM500 monthly allowance




And we are still yet to touch on other direct contributions to rakyat such as elderly bonus, housewives’ allowance etc.

In 2012, the budget presented by the government was RM232 billion without promising anything that was in PR’s Buku Jingga when their promises already cost RM206.5 billion without even considering about other promises which they have made, extra promises and the current cost.

Thus, can rakyat trust PR’s 2013 Alternative Budget?

Don’t they realize that the world’s economy is in chaos? Things are expected to be even worse by next year. This means that price of fuel and goods would increase and that the government would not be able to cover all the cost for rakyat without putting the coutry’s economy at risk.

Even though the government is expected to present the ‘Election Budget’ which could please rakyat, it would still be done based on logic where it would consider the global economy status. This is because the government is responsible towards the harmony of both rakyat and the country.

Unlike Pakatan Rakyat where they never really want to be responsible for rakyat including states which they rule. They even do not want to hold any responsibility from mistakes which they have made.

Anwar would need to remember that rakyat do not live in his fantasy world, we live in the real world where we need to work and are responsible for ourselves, family, religion, race and the country. That is why PR’s Fantasy Budget would need to be rejected as it would drag us to hell.