Rakyat Has The Rights To Charge Suaram – @SUARAM_INTL #pakdin.my

Even though Suaram has been revealed to be a foreign agent in breaking democracy, Suaram is still trying to defend themselves by saying that it is okay to receive foreign fund. What is worse is that Pakatan Rakyat, including PAS, would use the same argument by denying the fact that the organization is receiving funds from neo-con and George Soros which has been responsible in killing Muslims in Palestine and taking away Muslims lands as well which causes chaos in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Syria.

We need to remember that Suaram never really deny that they have been receiving funds from these Zionists.

Suaram also could not explain what are the motives for both the foreign organizations for funding them other than to bring down the government.

Lies made by Suaram is not little. It involves two countries, France and Malaysia. Suaram had tarnished the image of Malaysia in the eyes of the world and the organization also intended to tarnish the image of our Prime Minister and wife. This was done through chains of lies.

Suaram lied by saying that the French court was having a trial on the case of Scorpene’s purchase by Malaysia when the French themselves confirmed that there were no trial made upon it.

Suaram lied by saying that the Prime Minister will be given subpoena, as well as an individual known as Jasbir Singh Chahl. But the French court also confirmed that there were no subpoena released for such trial. Jasbir Singh even came up to provide statement to deny Suaram’s charge.

Suaram lied by saying that the Prime Minister had a relationship with Altantuya, who was said to be a part time model and also the translator in the business transaction for Scorpene. But it was then proven that the Prime Minister do not have any relationship with Altantuya and the business transaction was done in English and that they did not need any translator.

Suaram said that Altantuya was involved with the Scorpene case in France but French police confirmed that Altantuya has never entered France.

Suaram lied by saying that either the Prime Minister or his wife was involved in the murder of Altantuya but it was then proven that they had concrete alibi for being in two different official events during the incident.

Suaram lied by saying that Syarikat Perimekar, owned by Razak Baginda abd tried to link him with the Prime Minister, when the company is also owned by Lenbaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad and K.S. Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

Suaram lied by saying that Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. Accepted bribe when it was proven that the company had provided maintenence, support and management services including living cost for 213 officers, crews and submarine crews for six years.

Suaram lied by saying that the Prime Minister asked for bribe from DCNS through fax in total of USD1 billion or RM3.8billion when the amount was actually the amount of the whole contract of the purchase of the submarine like what was signed. This was the funniest lie they have ever made because no one would ask for bribe through fax and no one would give bribe with the same amount which was mentioned in a contract!

Suaram lied about the Thales Asia company which paid RM142 million to syarikat Terasasi by saying that it was a military secret’s transaction regarding the submarine. This lie was then changed to a few versions and can no longer be determined. Sometimes, Suaram would link Thales with DCNS, there was statement made where it mentioned that their lawyer said that the payment was made to a company called Giffen. What is clear, Terasasi and Giffen were not involved in the purchase of Scorpene.

All in all, Suaram ‘lived’ on lies where they lied by saying that Malaysian government and the Prime Minister is corrupt, evil and surrounded by scandals.

With all that, Malaysians and its government have the rights to charge Suaram. They admitted that they do receive foreign fund, thus they are bringing foreign agenda which is to commit treason to their own country. With such clear statement, should Suaram roam free?

The existence of Suaram only exposes us the risks of instability and chaos.