Utama POLITIK Private Jet: Rent, Paid For Or Borrowed? Rakyat Wants To Know

Private Jet: Rent, Paid For Or Borrowed? Rakyat Wants To Know

Gambar Anwar bersama Seng Giaw dalam sebuah jet persendirian
Gambar Anwar bersama Seng Giaw dalam sebuah jet persendirian

They are still yet to rule but Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat had began to show lifestyle which is a lot more lavish than most developed countries’ leaders, complete with custom bus and private jet to cater to wherever they want to go. And with no less than seven bodyguards which would be around Anwar each time, it seems like he is already looking like the country’s leader.

If PR are to be at Putrajaya and Seri Perdana would be as well equipped as the White House with security system from Israel, family of the ruler, ministers and officers would definitely be provided with bodyguards as well. In short, rakyat may no longer get as close to their leaders like they always did in mosques, or even during hari raya or bazaar Ramadhan like how Tun Mahathir used to do back when he was the Prime Minister.

We can imagine that being under PR, Malaysia would witness its leaders living the luxury life but rakyat suffer just so that the management cost would be at its best.

This scenario gets even clearer when pictures of Anwar with a few other PR leaders were uploaded by Tian Chua on his social networking site. They seemed to be proud for being in a private jet to head to Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan to celebrate Hari Malaysia.

Anwar, Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah, being anxious, then provided three different answers. And we are still yet to get responses from other PR leaders, because if we are to ask the others, they would also definitely come up with different answers as well.

Anwar said, the jet was paid for by one of his ‘friends’, Nurul Izzah then said it was borrowed but then Tian Chua first mention that it was rented. Perhaps the statement made by Tian Chua was more accurate because Datuk Mohd Taufik Omar, the Chairman of Tjets Sdn Bhd did confirm that his company did rent a Dassault Falcon 900 jet, registration number N990BB to Anwar with amount of cost which remain a secret.

The cost for it must have been high even though Tian Chua tried to make it sound as if it was cheap. If the rental cost was paid by Anwar himself, then he would need to explain where did the money come from. If it was from the Selangor government, so Khalid Ibrahim would need to explain why people of Selangor’s money was used for PKR’s political party, and so on.

If it was paid for, by other entity, like what Anwar mentioned, so Anwar is responsible to state who the sponsor is. Especially when it was proven that PKR or PR through SUARAM has been receiving funds from Zionists and George Soros. And fore that, Dr. Hatta Ramli, PAS’s Treasurer would need to also explain to PAS’s supporters about the source of the sponsor. We want to make sure that it did not come from Jews, Soros nor the fund which is given by PAS’s supporters.

The same thing goes if it was borrowed, like what Nurul Izzah. Rakyat would need to know who was the one who is so humble yet so rich that he would lend his private jet to Anwar. As a party leader which often fights for transparency and integrity, Nurul Izzah should state who lend the jet to avoid any doubt on any probable corruption case.

We do not understand why is it hard for PR to handle such easy question regarding this jet. If everything was done legally, why hide? Why the different answers?

And why wouldn’t their supporters ask upon this matter in details? Why should BN be the only one who is transparent, not PR?

PR supporters should rise up and seek for real answers for this matter with evidence such as documents so that their fight for integrity, clean and transparent would be fulfilled.

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