French Prosecutor Confirmed Malaysian Opposition’s Lies #AnwarBohong #FitnahPR

SUARAM, an NGO which is led by Malaysian opposition and funded by Zionist and Soros has been revealed to be lying again and again in the issue of Scorpene. Despite of all that, they still refuse to admit their lies and they kept on playing with their game.

Perhaps because the fund which they are receiving is simply too much, so SUARAM a.k.a the opposition do not have any other choice but to keep on acting with hope that the government of Malaysia would finally fall.

But, with statement made by famous French prosecutor, Yves Charpenel which was released yesterday, saying that there was no trial regarding Scorpene in France and the only thing that is happening is trials made by Malaysian opposition media, is seen as the end to SUARAM’s chain of lies.

Charpenel also repeated government’s previous statement that what happened was that two independent ‘investigative judges’ has been investigating this issue since earlier this year based on complaints made by SUARAM. This is because according to the law, all complaints should be given serious attention and investigation in closed and private manner.

However, the investigative judges do not have the rights to investigate nor interrogate people from across the border without getting any permission from the country’s government to respect the Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement which is held by all countries in the world.

That is why, for SUARAM and opposition to say that the trial is going on and a few people would be given subpoenas and submarine documents in French language would be revealed as part of the evidence, showed how low the moral value among SUARAM supporters really are.

In line with attitude of Zionist and Soros, SUARAM had shown that they do not respect any government in the world including Malaysia and France. Not just that they are tarnishing the image of Malaysian government, they are even toying around with the French government.

In order to ruin Malaysian government, SUARAM pictured court of France for not being transparent for leaking investigation’s information including evidences to them which they them showed to the public. SUARAM also pictured French police as an organization that is not efficient enough as they could not detect the entrance of Altantuya during the whole business transaction period.

And now, SUARAM and Malaysian opposition refuses to admit that everything is over. Instead, Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s Opposition Leader had brought in French lawyer, William Bourdon to provide statement on behalf of SUARAM in the issue of receiving foreign funds. Bourdon’s arrival should have been paid and it sure was huge, as he is the famous lawyer who defends George Soros.

In a way, opposition’s move in bringing Bourdon to assist SUARAM and Malaysian opposition only strengthen the fact that SUARAM and Malaysian opposition do not fight for human rights nor rakyat. Instead, they are on the move to implement the mission of ‘regime exchange’ in Malaysia for the sake of Soros and Jews by lying, with no limit.



Anwar Ibrahim has got a French lawyer to lend more credents to the scorpene deal just to influence more Malaysians to believe in the lies his network Suaram has been propagating. As usual, his campaign is always laced with the so-called intellectualism, bringing intellectual foreigners purportedly to be neutral and ‘know all’ the wrong doing […]

What Scorpene Trial? – French Govt Prosecutor Rubbishes Scorpene ‘Court Case’ – @SUARAM_INTL #AnwarBohong

Yves Charpenel

KUALA LUMPUR: A prominent French government prosecutor has denied reports circulating among some Malaysian online news portals of an ongoing trial in France, on allegations of corruption by a French company over the purchase of two French-made Scorpene submarines by Malaysia in 2002. Yves Charpenel said the media in Malaysia should be able to distinguish between […]

Meeting With Lawyer In Paris Proves Anwar’s Lie #AnwarBohong #FitnahPR


Anwar Ibrahim was said to be in Paris, France after attending the Mega Convoy Royalty Talk in Shah Alam. This matter was mentioned himself during his speech in the program. He said, lawyers who are handling the Scorpene scandal case would like to meet him regarding the update of the case and he would take […]



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