Suaram is very insistent in bringing in the two French lawyers – William Bourdon and Joseph Breham – to brief MPs on the investigations of the sale of two submarines by defence firms DCNS to Malaysia.

On orders from Anwar Ibrahim, Suaram is determined to do whatever it takes to make their allegations stick and have Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak appear in the court in France.

Regardless of selling off dignity and pride of the country as well as oneself, Suaram’s mission has thus far been a failure as the case is not even taken seriously by the French court where the NGO filed the complaint.

And now, since Anwar’s credibility is declining by the day, the latest was the rejection by Australia to interfere in the coming general election, Suaram has to work doubly hard to bring back credibility and confidence of Malaysians to Anwar.

Suaram’s action, as all Malaysians know, is to dent Najib’s credibility so that Anwar can have an easy path to Putrajaya and Suaram is not alone in this as it is being supported by other NGOs in other issues.

Anwar, on the other hand is feeling ‘hot’ as he counts the days to polling, personally watching his influence, credibility and image dwindling by the day.

His ceramahs no longer attract thousands, his speeches no longer explosive, his allegations are repetitive nothing new and from within the Pakatan, his image is considered as at rock bottom.

Worse scenario at present is Anwar may find more rejections from other countries on his request for support to purportedly ensure free and fair election in Malaysia, claiming even 12-year olds names are found in the voting lists.

If such a scenario is to follow, Anwar may find even his partners in PR may distance themselves from him come election and he can forget his dream of becoming the Prime Minister.

Even now itself, he finds himself being ‘challenged’ by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, despite the claimed that it was agreed he would be appointed as PM if PR wins the general election.

In fact, from within Pakatan grassroots now, members are debating who is a better PM – Anwar or Hadi – a topic that was never spoken before the PAS general assembly that was concluded last Sunday.

The debate within rank and file now puts Anwar in a shameful situation and the rejection by Australia further shamed him among leaders of Pakatan, even though they smile when with him.

After all, Anwar does not know what are the real feelings of those leaders around him and he does not know whether they really admire him or just making use of him.

Anwar’s ego and over-ambitious has made him lose sight of reality.