ucapan penggulungan presiden PAU2012FEAR enveloped the oppositions on the last day of Umno assembly on Saturday as the call for ‘war’ filled up the assembly hall.

Fully energized and spiritually ready, Umno is on the ‘war path’ and when this happens, normally the party’s ‘political enemies’ will be running helter skelter, so to speak.

Like now, after Saturday’s clarion call by party president Najib Tun Razak and overwhelming response by the delegates, fear grasp opposition members and leaders as they turn every stone and grasp every branch for issues.

In fear and desperate, they now called on Najib to answer to allegations made by businessman Deepak Jaikishen, the statements made in court.

All their earlier allegations of so many issues have backfired as Malaysians in general saw the truth, get fed up with all the allegations and saw the oppositions themselves just cannot come to reality that they do not even know how to govern.

Malaysians saw what happened in the states ruled by the oppositions whom some of them had voted for and they are now feeling dejected, they the oppositions had cheated them of the trust given.

Now they see this Deepak guy talking in the court…not a press conference or on the street to media…it is in the court of law.

What the oppositions are trying to do is to drag Najib and whoever is mentioned to comment…which everybody knows is contempt of the court and this Malaysians with the rightful minds know.

They are desperate to bring down Najib and Barisan Nasional (BN) and with the latest energizing of Umno’s spirit, the oppositions fear more.

By end of December, Umno members would begin attacking and with a base of no less than 3 million members, the onslaught would see the oppositions reeling in pain.

Umno members would not leave any stone unturned and Umno members would go on the attack on all avenues…that’s how far Umno will go to achieve what they want.

Umno’s election machinery is considered the best as the party’s members are dedicated and committed in defending the pride and dominance of the Malay race and Islam.

When they get together and face the enemies, nothing could stop them unless the voice of the one leader – at present its Najib Tun Razak – the voice of the man they place their hopes to bring back dignity and pride to the race and religion.

And when Umno is joined by MCA, MIC and other partners in the coalition, the oppositions may find there is not enough caves to hide and not enough land to run.

This will be the scenario come the general election next year…a formidable force that will ensure Malaysians’ dignity and pride are intact and not sold to foreigners.

Right now, the opposition has truly awaken a sleeping giant.