Gangsterism Is A Part Of Opposition’s Culture

pemuda-gombak-cederaMursyidul Am PAS, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s response regarding the clash which occurred in Gombak was that it is an evidence that some will cause havoc if PR wins the coming GE13.

What he meant, if PR wins, then UMNO or BN might be the ones who start the fight.

It seems obvious that the Kelantan Chief Minister do not understand the real issue which happened in Gombak during the Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat series which was joined by PKR’s General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim a few nights ago.

If Nik Aziz do know that the reason why the clash began due to PR supporters’ actions where they threw rocks, water bottles and other hard objects towards UMNO supporters and the public, he would definitely be embarrassed of himself.

If he knew that Anwar’s presence was objected by locals because the PKR event was organized nearby their homes, Nik Aziz could have not been able to open his mouth to defend PR’s gangsterism culture.

But we do understand that one of Nik Aziz’s abilities would be his skills in twisting facts so that PR would actually look like the victim while UMNO would be the bad ones.

History tells it all, there has been too many violent incidents which has always been triggered by the opposition’s followers.

Just look at what happened during the Memali tragedy back then. Due to PAS extremists following the things what their leaders have mentioned, they went to the lengths of launching a violent campaign by going against the authorities to ‘defend’ PAS’s Islamic state.

A few months prior to the tragedy, another chaos was triggered, by PAS supporters (Pemuda Jihad) at Lubuk Merbau where they were armed with machetes which costs a few lives.

But when UMNO and BN win or lose in Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, Selangor or even Perak, nothing really happened, no violence at all.

UMNO members as well as majority rakyat are often trapped with this crazy and wild emotions which has always been synonym with opposition supporters.

One example would be the chaos during a mini election in Bagan Pinang where an opposition supporter acted as if he was badly injured, attacked by a samurai sword from BN supporter. When investigated, nothing really happened.

But as usual, whenever these things happen, PAS would often point their fingers to UMNO, the government. Not just that, they would even drag their members and supporters to their ceramah while asking for donations to fill up their leaders’ pockets.

This is just another culture for the opposition especially PAS which has always been known for their gangsterism and violence. That is why, Nik Aziz should look at himself first before blaming others.