The Word Allah: PAS Once Again Used By Christian DAP -

PAS Tandatangani Perjanjian Sulit Gugurkan Hudud
PAS Tandatangani Perjanjian Sulit Gugurkan Hudud

It seems that Malaysian Christians really want to use the name Allah in their religious books as if without it, they would not be complete and precise. We know their real intention, it is to spread Christianity among Malay Muslims as those who do not have enough knowledge on religion can be easily influenced and finally be turned murtad once they see the word Allah in Christian’s brochures and the Bible.

We do not know that this dirty tactic is allowed by Christian because we believe that all religion often focuses on transparency and sincerity. How can a person say that they are on the right path in matters of religion if the methods used are cunning, where they manipulate and soft influence.

This dirty tactic only goes well with politics, not religion.

Thus, it is not surprising that the ones who often champions the fight to use the word Allah as a reference to god for Christians in Malay-language Bible, is DAP. It is also not surprising if the matter is also supported by PKR, as well as PAS, even though the party often claim that they fight for Islam.

The right thing to do, when it comes to this issue, is that Islamic organizations including Ulama should have taken the initiative to get Christians to discuss this matter to find the right solution.

Considering that this issue is now turning to a hot political issue, it is much better for PAS to start discussing this matter with its ally, DAP, to find the significance for the Christians to use the word Allah in their Bible.

If Christian DAP fail to present any significant reasons, then it is cleat that this is a very cunning issue and it should be strongly opposed. However, PAS has never come face to face with DAP to understand their reason. Instead, PAS only came out with statements supporting the matter, as if it is not wrong to use the word Allah for other religion’s book.

It is not wise for PAS to support the fight of these Christian DAP without looking and understanding the reasons first.

This is because, the name ‘Allah’ is not used in any Christian books at countries which has a majority of Christians. Basically, the Christians believe that god exists with the concept of Trinity, God the Father’, ‘God the Son’ and ‘Holy Spirit’. All these three elements are referred to a god with the general term known as ‘the Lord’.

Just like Islam, there are a lot of different sects in Christianity. The three main sects would be Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant.

Christian DAP are among the Protestant. They refer to themselves as Evangelist, which, according to Wikipedia, they are preachers who has the mission of pulling people from other religion to convert to Christianity.

The Protestant also has different versions which sees a lot of changes from time to time as well as the area. Protestant is a sect which denies the centralization of power over the Pope. Instead, it is on the person itself based on their faith towards the Bible.

However, the basic of Christianity is still the same where they hold on to the Trinity concept and their god is referred to as the Lord. However, all Christians also understood that the word ‘Abba’ also refers to god because it is Jesus’s nickname called by his father. This is not surprising because the word father in Arabic goes like ‘Abi’.

The name ‘Allah’ is not mentioned in any documents which explains Christianity, which means, there is no reasonable explanation for DAP to fight for.

It is clear that this is just another cunning tactic which is used to run a bad agenda, for DAP’s effort to spread Christianity.

Thus, PAS’s excuse in supporting DAP in this matter as long as the word Allah is not misused is irrelevant, because it is clear that it is being used for a bad reason.

With that, PAS’s support towards DAP should be seen as a treachery towards Islam. Let’s not forget that PAS did slam the government in the issue where 30,000 Malay-language Bible were held at a port back in 2011 due to the controversial usage of the word Allah in it.

Conclusion is, PAS is just DAP’s puppet to ensure that the party could achieve their objective, including spreading Christianity and converting Muslims away from Islam.

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