Utama POLITIK Reason Why Chinese Shy Away From HKR #KL112

Reason Why Chinese Shy Away From HKR #KL112

Not being able to reach 1 million participants, is not the only reason why Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat 112 is seen as a failure, but the declining support from non-Malays is also a strong sign showing that Pakatan Rakyat is beginning to lose rakyat’s support.

HKR showed that only 8% from 45,000 who were present was the Chinese, while Indians are a lot lower with only 2%. Such small attendence had forced Malay PAS and PKR to raise DAP’s flag, for the sake of their ally. Few of the images which could show that Malays became DAP’s slaves during HKR was when there were a few women in tudung and men in kopiah yelling while putting on DAP’s symbol, as well as a few youth groups marching with banners written in Chinese.

The Chinese and Indians, especially, refuse to be involved in this craziness. Moreover, Chinese DAP usually only prefer to rally up with their own race such as Himpunan Hijau. While the Indians are tired for getting cheated by PR in issues which involves the race in Selangor and Penang which led to their refusal to have any ties with PR.

Understanding this situation, post mortem of the previous BERSIH 3.0 could probably show us the reason why the Chinese refuse to join their slaves from PAS and PKR in HKR. BERSIH 3.0 showed 30% participation from the Chinese and 7% from the Indians.

From the post mortem, we could see that the Chinese no longer believe in Anwar and Azmin after they were found giving out orders to violate the law during BERSIH 3.0 which then caused chaos. And the Chinese, especially, refuse to take the risk to be trapped in yet another riot.

After BERSIH 3.0, most of the Chinese began to realize that the demand for a clean election which was fought for was just another gimmick because all the opposition wanted to do was just causing chaos.

From there, most of them began to listen to the government’s explanation and look out for more information regarding MACC’s system as well as the responses given by the government as well as MACC on all BERSIH’s negative claims made against them.

And from there, half of them began to understand the situation. Even though it seemed a little too late, but at least they managed to seek the truth. They also began to realize that all these while they were simply influenced by the opposition that they can no longer process information rationally.

Thus, PR should re-evaluate all reports from the media regarding their ‘success’ for HKR. Because, actually, they have not done anything other than lying to themselves. All of the demands made during HKR are just jokes for those who are aware on Malaysian politics.

Because, few of their demands include to fight for the sovereignty of our National language and to have a clean election. How can PR claim that Malaysian elections are dirty if their own party election can be rigged just like that? And the national language, DAP works hard to ensure that the national language will be abolished to make way for mandarin language.

Now, rakyat could see that the motives to organize HKR was blurry, other than trying to create chaos just so that they could show the world as if all rakyat is giving their support to the opposition.

However, with such low number of attendance, even less than the number of UMNO members who came for UMNO’s anniversary, PR has no rights to question the election results for the coming GE13, if things do not go their way.

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