Syura Council: Kalimah Allah Issue Settled, What About Hadi’s Message? -

amanat hadi (rumi)The issue on kalimah Allah has finally been resolved with everyone agreeing with the decision to not use the kalimah for other religion. Even though prior to the decision PAS was on a different stand, the party began to be rational after the Syura Council had a meeting and decided that kalimah Allah is exclusive and it cannot be used as reference of God for other religion.

As usual, PAS stressed that they are consistent and they have never make any U-turns despite of a few PAS leaders’ official statements for the past few years regarding this issue proves PAS’s flip-flop stand.

There is no way that all these while PAS thought that the Christians want to use kalimah allah to refer to Allah as the one God. There is no way that PAS would have believed that the Christians would not misuse kalimah Allah to refer to Christian God.

The current situation now only shows PAS’s failure in handling religious matter where as PAS supports the usage of kalimah Allah for other religion, PAS leaders did not refer the matter to the Syura Council. Instead, they simply made their own statements.

The decision made by PAS Syura Council shows that there is still hope for PAS to go back to the right path. PAS had strayed for giving total power to their highest leader in making any decisions and statements in religious issues. Just like the Pope in Christianity, PAS’ highest leader is seen as a very powerful individual, even more powerful than the Syura Council, Fatwa Council and probably even Sheikhul Azhar.

The ego among PAS leaders has been ruining ummah all these while. That is why, despite of reaching the decision regarding kalimah Allah issue, PAS’ Syura Council is still far from comfort. This is because there are still a lot of other issues to be resolved, just as heavy as the kalimah Allah issue, all because of the ego among PAS leaders. Few of them include Hadi’s message issue.

Today, it seems like Hadi tries to describe as if he never mentioned anything about UMNO as kafir. However, during the recent Muktamar PAS, PAS leaders kept on playing with words, picturing that UMNO has gone apostate. Might not be directly, but their words bring the same meaning to that.

Up until today, there are still those who refuse to perform their prayers if the imam is an UMNO member. But, if we are to look at this positively, they still have time to realize their mistake and they could repent before death reaches them.

If Hadi says that he never described UMNO as kafir, then why did the Memali tragedy happened? Who’s to blame? Is it the supporters’ fault for believing his message?

Considering that Hadi refuses to be responsible, PAS Syura Council should take the responsibility to clear the confusion. No one can stop this craziness in turning other Muslims to kafir other than the Syura Council because it is clear that Hadi do not have enough strength to sacrifice his ego. UMNO Ulama nor foreign Ulama cannot offer any help because they know that their voice do not mean a thing for PAS’ community.

Our hope only falls on Syura Council, to put a stop towards all the chaos created by Haji Hadi’s message. Don’t the Syura Council have enough strength to face Hadi’s ego? Is Hadi’s image’s far more important than ummah? Is politics far more important than religion?

UTAMAPOLITIKSyura Council: Kalimah Allah Issue Settled, What About Hadi's Message?

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