Bawani: Another Fallen PR Agent

bawani sosialisMiss Bawani had had her time of her life as she was made into a hero for having the ‘courage’ to make a scene in her effort to ‘hijack’ a forum in University Utara Malaysia, a couple of days ago. The world has witnessed how she marched into the program just when it was time to wrap up, before insisting to give ‘talk’ on ‘freedom to demonstrate, freedom of speech and free education’, which she claimed to be a ‘question’ to be answered by Puan Sharifah Zohra, the moderator, not the panelist.

Such rudeness got what it deserved, that is, the least attention, a shutting out and a chase. Clearly, Bawani had prepared for the moment and that was why she got all the datas and facts in hand. And expecting Puan Sharifah to counter the datas and facts without preparation, is like asking a Mathematician about some Acts and Clauses in the Law book. As a result, a monkey finally got what a monkey deserves, that is a banana as an answer.

What makes our heads tilt to try to listen more carefully to Bawani, is the immediate publicity that follows. This, plus the carefully selected moments that were uploaded on Youtube and the comments and articles that came with it. And as we listen, we dig, and as we dig, we found things that ended Bawani’s heroism in a blink.

Bawani’s facebook tells us of her political views which is, of course, her rights. The UUM’s community social network describes us her passion in politics, which too, is her rights. So, it is clear that Bawani is a hard-core supporter of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM).

So what? It is her rights. Well of course it is.

And she is free to practice her rights, just as we are free to practice our rights to express of what we think of her and the political party that she belongs too. And just like Namewee is free to practice his rights to claim to have no rights in Malaysia through his so-called, ‘artistic work’.

But Patriotic Malaysians can’t help but look at PSM cynically because PSM is an evolution from Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM). When the communists were losing, PKM operated under disguise through political parties, namely, DAP, which explains the same principles they hold in terms of Malay Rights, Royal Institutions, Islam as official religion, and etc.

On May 13th, 1969, these communists had unintentionally triggered an immature attack against the enemies – the Malays, the government and Islam but failed to get anywhere. The failure had ‘broken’ them into a few pieces, namely, Parti Buruh, Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia and workers’ union.

Much later on, these pieces and whatever is left from communism were brought back together under Parti Sosialis Malaysia. The party however, was denied registration in 1998 due to its link to communism, and so they contested under DAP’s logo in 1999 election, and PKR’s logo in 2004 election. Taking advantage of the weak leadership at the time, PSM finally managed to make an official comeback and contested in the 2008 election under its own logo.

So, this is what it’s all about for Bawani. All those speech on Cuba, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Sri Lanka, Turkey bla..bla..bla..are not about free education, or peaceful demonstration but about condemning every single thing about this country. Because if it was about what she said it was, she would have known that the people in those countries aren’t doing better than the Malaysians as in order to fund for free education, they have to bear high taxes and inflation rates that comes in along with corruption and other problems. And she should have known that comparing a country of 28 million against 1.5 million population doesn’t make any sense.

The motive? Prejudice, Publicity, Political Mileage, Hatred and Power. It’s as simple as that.

In all these overwhelming prejudice, hatred and power struggle, Bawani must have overlooked that she would never enjoy having an exclusive school just for her race in those countries, or being given a share of power in the cabinet, or having the opportunity to control economic power over the original settlers, or enjoying as long as a week public holiday for her religious celebration.