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Harun Taib Siapa Karpal SinghA few years ago, the issue of Kalimah Allah and Malay-language Bibles became a hot topic when the Christians claimed that the government intentionally held 30,000 Malay-language Bibles at a port. As the issue was raised during the period of Sarawak state election, record showed how PAS decided to support the Christians and criticized the government for not supporting the rights for religion like what is taught by Islam.

Statements from PAS leaders in their party’s website as well as pro-opposition media showed that PAS did not have any problem with the Malay-language Bibles even with kalimah Allah in it, as long as it is not abused.

The term ‘not abused’ however, was never explained in details including the description of how it is abused.

Thus, from there, Lim Guan Eng decided to take the advantage to break Muslims as part of his racist strategy by raising the issue again in his Christmas Speech last December.

Just like how he expected, this issue has really caused rage among Muslims and he managed to break PAS, weakening the party as they had to please DAP Christians to show that they are open towards the issue. PAS had to deny that they used to support the usage of kalimah Allah in Bibles and Hadi Awang had to blame others by saying that this issue is just ‘UMNO’s political game’ so that he would not offend DAP.

So, what we see today is PAS supporters had to defend Guan Eng and at the same time twist their leaders’ statements in social media. From there, their silent supporters began to doubt how Islam PAS really is, and as for the undecided ones, they just ran away from the party.

PAS Syura Council had to be dragged into the issue to get them out of the issue, and in the end, PAS ‘Ulama’ agreed that the best thing for PAS to strengthen their ‘Islamic’ image is by opposing Guan Eng’s fight from his Christmas Speech.

Sadly, not even a single leaders in Pakatan Rakyat cared about Syura Council. The council’s decision only subjected to PAS members, not DAP, PKR or even rakyat who are not part of PAS. This means, if DAP want to continue the use of kalimah Allah in Bibles, it is their rights and PAS as well as the party’s Syura Council do not have any rights to stop them.

This decision had given a huge blow to PAS, especially its Ulama in Syura Council. Harun Taib, as the Ulama Council Chief and Syura Council Chairman, Nik Aziz himself somehow tried to show that they are serious in attacking Karpal Singh. Karpal seemed to have been given a task to face PAS each time there are issues regarding religious matters between PAS and DAP.

Harun Taib asks, “Who is Karpal to question the Syura Council?”

Nik Aziz says,”That is Karpal’s problem.”

Hadi says,”this issue has been solved, just like what decided by the Syura Council.”

However, Karpal responded,”it is still far from being solved, because the Syura Council do not have any power in Pakatan Rakyat.”

Anwar Ibrahim, as the leader to Karpal, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Harun Taib, Lim Guan Eng and PR then says,”the decision falls in the hand of PR Central, not Syura Council not PAS alone.

So, what does this mean? Is PR asking rakyat to think and make their own definition regarding kalimah Allah issue in Malay-language Bibles? Where everyone can make their own definition based on their own understanding.

Do believe that this issue will go on unsolved just as same as the issue of Hadi’s message which still haunts Muslims.

Perhaps for PAS, this issue is just the matter of kalimah, ‘words’ or ‘name’, which does not really matter, as if the Quran is just a book for those pluralists.

From there, PAS will keep on playing their drama acting as ‘Islam’ and argues with Karpal just so that Muslim votes would stay with them.

After they managed to secure the votes, only by then Harun Taib would be prepared to make clearer statements saying that they would follow DAP orders.

In other words, if PR wins the coming GE, the use of kalimah Allah by other religion are allowed, approved by Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat’s Prime Minister.

Only by then, we can probably hear Harun Taib’s grunts and PAS supporters might burn DAP’s flags to ensure that PAS’s image would stay Islamic. Even then, nothing they say on their newspapers will be heard by Anwar and DAP. The newspaper might be banned and Harun Taib might end up in jail for provoking rakyat to go against the government led by Anwar.

Whatever it is, we are certain that Harun Taib or any other PAS leaders do not have any problem to bow down upon DAP as always because it has been proven that they would rather end up in hell rather than the jail.

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