Utama ENGLISH Psy turns Guan Eng into a psycho

Psy turns Guan Eng into a psycho

Nik Aziz Nasihatkan Gangnan Psy Tutup Aurat – “Psy needs to tutup ‘her’ aurat” hahahaha @nikabdulaziz http://pakdin.my/?p=26255
Nik Aziz Nasihatkan Gangnan Psy Tutup Aurat – “Psy needs to tutup ‘her’ aurat” hahahaha @nikabdulaziz

When a bigger than life ego got collided with desperation and fear, you can expect a helter-skelter – as the mind refuses to understand the defeat what more accepts lost or potential lost.

And that’s how all hell break lose when Guan Eng is forced to deal with the fact that his campaign theme, ‘Ubah-rocket style’ which is inspired by a phenomenal Korean song, sung by rapper, Psy, is now being used against him by MCA when the party actually invited the rapper to perform in Penang for Chinese New Year celebration.

Unable to put himself together upon hearing the news, Guan Eng called upon all those who plan to attend the concert on Feb 11 to wear red (in support of DAP), yellow (in support of Bersih) and green (for the environment and against Lynas). As expected, he got a good bash from ‘his own people’ where some of them even started to question his sanity.

You see, the problem is, red is an auspicious colour for Chinese New Year, therefore, it’s a tradition that most Chinese would choose to wear red on the day. And even if that is not a problem, who would think of politics when going to an entertainment show? And then again, isn’t he, of all the people, as the Chief Minister, should call for the people to unite and put their political sentiments behind while celebrating Chinese New Year?

We understand that DAP had gone through all the trouble to launch the Gangnam campaign theme. The party even had a video shot for the purpose, and had this actor dressed-up like Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. It was shot all over KL including LRT stations and went through all ‘difficulties’, like was asked to stop shooting by the authorities. DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua, who produced the video, was bragging about how the video got over 100 million hits in a month.

These people are obviously very pleased and proud of themselves for being able to make fun and ridicule people and have it recorded on a video and uploaded it for the world to see. It’s like their ‘masterpiece’, or the most brilliant political campaign ever thought of by a political party, as it seemed to them. (This, reminds us of that Namewee ‘thing’. Hey, Namewee can be Chief Minister too.. eh?)

After all the bashing, we thought that Guan Eng would calm down and started to think straight, but instead, he showed more hysterical signs. Who would have thought that he would go to the lowest level of dumbness and called for his cybergoons to pressure Psy on the celebrity’s facebook, to cancel the show? If that isn’t psychotic, then what is it?

Psy is a singer, an artist, a rapper from another country, leave him out of DAP’s political madness. Isn’t it not enough for Guan Eng to put his party in shame, he must put all of us Malaysians in shame too?

Maybe Guan Eng needs to go for psychiatric review. Maybe all these power is just too much for him that his naturally-gigantic-ego is pushing its limit that he eventually begins to crack. Just study his behavior and action lately:

First, Guan Eng thinks Penang belongs to him, and him alone, whereby anybody who wants to use the name ‘Penang’ must get his approval. Does this mean, all Penang Char Koey Teow, Penang Laksa, Penang Run, Penang Swimming Club are all his? Of course, not.

Some of the names have already been used even before the country’s independence and before Guan Eng even moved to Penang. A name of a state does not and cannot belong to anybody. So, Guan Eng doesn’t, and cannot own Penang, he is put there by the Penangites to work for them.

Taking Guan Eng’s logic, every dictionary or websites in world must also ask for his approval before printing the word ‘Penang’. What if USA or China or Malaysia needs to be approved every time we need to use them too?

What else can we make of Guan Eng’s logic but a clear-cut show of a dictator imposing, displaying and practicing his power even on something beyond his power.

However, we sense something more than a pressuring ego problem of a dictator when Guan Eng said that wearing red on Chinese New Year, would mean that you support DAP. Red is a colour, it doesn’t belong to anybody or any party. At least, you can buy Penang if you really want it to be yours, but you can’t buy ‘red’.

Did Psy just turned Guan Eng into a psycho?

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