majlis ulama pasIt is confirmed and it is true…not make-believe or allegations without proof…Anwar Ibrahim did say PAS spiritual chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat as did not know anything and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang as a mere follower.

In short and in plain language, what Anwar said was Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi were both stupid and not shrewd and did not know how to manipulate and, of course, if one wants to interpret, there will be more to it.

Anyway, the reality is that Anwar does not respect both the leaders, the same view DAP strongmen Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and father Lim Kit Siang have on PAS and its leaders.

To these opposition leaders, their partner PAS and its leaders are fools and to straight a political party to win in any political game.

Anwar and DAP leaders who are chauvinistic Chinese love PAS and its stupid leaders because they can abuse and exploit them.

If PAS and its leaders are smart and wise, Anwar and DAP would not want to be align to them because there is no way PAS can be used and abused and become stooge for DAP and Anwar.

Example the Bersih protest and the stadium even which could not have succeeded without PAS members because PKR and DAP members were minimal in attendance.

Now the reality is crystal clear that Anwar and DAP leaders consider PAS and its leaders are stupid and the ‘ball’ is in PAS leaders’ feet now whether to keep it or kick into the goal post.

The evidence is there, the video clip does not lie and PAS can easily get feedback as proof from its members in Sabah who attended the event where Anwar said those words.

So now PAS has to decide whether to stay on in the opposition pact or leave and go alone in the coming general election.

Being make to look like fools and treated and viewed as fools is not a small matter especially when Anwar actually was ridiculing the Syura Council, a council comprises of ulamaks whose decisions are questioned not by party members but outsiders who claimed to know more.

If PAS does not react to these condemnations, it simple means PAS and its leaders are truly stupid as alleged.

Thus, PAS must react and must decide whether to take the shameful ridicule sitting down or leave the pact and go on its own.

The decision will reflect PAS image and that will bring back the lost influence the faces all along.


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