So Manila is now claiming that we are on the wrong for allegedly beating up Filipinos resulting in thousands fleeing Sabah to their homeland.

Manila got the report from those purportedly experienced such atrocious treatment from our security men who are still cleaning up the remnants of the Sulu terrorists who had mutilated our dead security personnel without any feelings of guilt nor mercy.

Malacanang on Sunday reportedly said it condemned the reported abuses suffered by Filipinos at the hands of Malaysian police in the crackdown on followers of the sultan of Sulu in Sabah.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is verifying the report published by the Inquirer Sunday based on the accounts given by Filipinos fleeing violence sparked by the intrusion of the followers of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III into Sabah.

Lets forget these reports and focus on our soveriengty and dignity as a nation and we continue to guard our shores from illegals immigrants from Southern Philippines, who have been ferrying people to and fro to earn a living.

Ironically, those who reported of atrocities are those who have been statying here long enough to earn identity cards and of course, with children getting education here.

Why the sudden change of attitude when they got back to their homeland? Didn’t they think Malaysia is their homeland since they already got their permanent resident cards?

But whatever it is, we should not entertain any of such allegations and the turn around of the Pinoys because we have a lot to do.

We want Sabah to develop on par with the peninsular and we want Sabahans, irrespective where their roots were from to enjoy the benefits of development, to make them feel as Malaysians and live a normal life as normal Malaysians.

And now, back in their homeland, they claimed they have been ill-treated following the Lahad Datu incident and they forgot the benefits they have enjoyed while in Lahad Datu, the luxury that they dreamt off but never tasted it in their homeland.

Never mind about that, we will not ask back anything but the only thing we want is the truth…we want them to tell the truth…not lie according to their needs.

One of Kiram’s younger brother called for ‘Muslims to Muslims’ talk between them and Malaysia.

Why raise the Muslims issue now? Why never even thought about that when they sent their army here and shot our security personnel? Why stayed persistent when Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak gave the chance for negotiations?

Why now when they are losing and running without leader as their commander Musa was shot dead that they raise their Muslims issue and at the same time continue to run-down Malaysia with allegations of brutality and atrocity?

Kiram and gang are simply taking advantage of what is happening, upon instigation from someone because they have never focus their target on Sabah all along until recently.

The question is who – considering someone here is singing a song Tanya Sama Najib happily – even before the attack by the terrorists.

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