Utama GAYA HIDUP AGAMA BBC’s Agenda to Turn The Muslims Against Each Other Revealed?

BBC’s Agenda to Turn The Muslims Against Each Other Revealed?

Bible Bahasa Melayu
Bible Bahasa Melayu

It looks like the ‘Allah’ issue is still hot and boiling over the Christian’s side, especially the Evangelists of DAP. The court’s decision to ban the use of the Muslim’s God’s name in the Herald is being taken by DAP as ‘a kick in the butt’.

As a bully, DAP has always been a sore-loser. As soon as the decision was made by the court, the party reacted in the only known way to them that is, barking at the nearest person in sight. As we know, DAP is not done barking at the police and the ROS, and now it is also barking at the judges.

DAP is really a very noisy party.

Somehow, all these noise has not been heard by the international news agency, BBC.

Instead, BBC reported that it is UMNO and PAS that is fighting each other for the use of ‘Allah’s’ name by the Christians. BBC did not even mention DAP who is barking at the top of their voice.

In fact, Jennifer Pak of BBC News Kuala Lumpur described the issue as a ‘tight race between UMNO and PAS’.

But, Jennifer must have taken PAS and DAP as one entity, and if so, she is quite right since PAS and DAP makes part of Pakatan Rakyat.

And we know for a fact that PAS is divided in the issue, even among the religious scholars. PAS President, Hadi Awang is still hesitating and aren’t ready to make a clear statement on his stance. However, Harun Taib, the Ulama Council Chief has taken a stance with the government to not allow the Herald to name the Christian’s God as ‘Allah’.

Anyway, a professional reporter or journalist would have mentioned the facts of the case clearly, that is ‘The Government of Malaysia VS Christian Federation of Malaysia’. But Jennifer Pak had missed this most important fact and went on elaborating on the political fights of PAS VS UMNO instead. The fact that she dares to call her report an ‘analysis’ is laughable.

But there’s nothing to laugh about her report when she mentioned that mosques and churches were attacked following the lower court’s ruling of the case in 2009. Now, why does it sound very distant like we never heard of it before?

Unless Jennifer referred to the kids splashing paints on the ‘surau’ which, the Muslim community in the area already forgave them, as an ‘attack’, then we don’t know what Jennifer is talking about.

Malaysians are not fools. Yes, we do have quite a remarkable number of fools especially in the political arena, but basically, not all Malaysians are fools. We know what BBC is trying to do, that is to turn the Muslims (UMNO-PAS) against each other and Muslims against Christians altogether and only God knows why. But of course, that’s just what the devils do.

To straighten the record up, the UMNO has got no hand in the court’s decision and it has been proven time and again whereby the Opposition leader could get away with an obvious crime and UMNO members and leaders have also been put away for crime.

UMNO and the government are two separate bodies and it takes a great professionalism of the leaders to ensure that it never overlaps. Perhaps, Jennifer should learn a thing or two about being a professional too.

For the beginning, Jennifer could have spent some time analyzing why is there a necessity or urgency for the Herald to name the Christian’s God as ‘Allah’?

And, how or what are the consequences in the context of being a good Christian if the Herald are forced to stick to the word ‘Father’ or ‘Lord’ only?

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