13 May: DAP is trapped in their own web. #pakdin.my


We would like to enlighten our readers on the content of the open letter made by Lim Kit Siang. The letter was meant for Datuk Seri Najib and his cabinet ministers have been posted by Lim’s admin in his blog today. According to Lim Kit Siang the particular letter is the second of which has been made in less than two week.

The letter was titled “Are the leadership of BN ready to cooperate with Pakatan Rakyat to ensure that the 13th May incident will not be repeated in Malaysia?”

As a matter of fact, this is one of the many articles in Lim Kit Siang’s blog which carries the notion of the unforgettable 13th May tragedy.

Even though there are a lot of articles regarding the 13th May incident in Kit Siang’s blog are lengthy and has long titles, each and every single one of those articles can be concluded in one particular article which is titled “People Who Talks of 13th Mei Must Be Silenced” written by Khee Thuan Chye.

It seems that Kit Siang wants the government to silence the Malays from reminding the future generations that there are possibilities that the racial riots can happen again.

The title of the article itself is sufficient proof that Kit Siang is adversely affected by the 13 May slogans that the Malays made during the demonstration against a PKR state assemblymen for insulting the Prime Minister recently.

Starting from that particular incident, Kit Siang can be seen actively speaking about patriotism and peace. Kit Siang tries very hard to show that the DAP or the Chinese, as patriotic while the Malays who are trying to remind Malaysians about the 13th May incident as traitors.

Kit Siang stated that the act of “feeding water spinach” inside the mouth of the PM’s figurine was not racist and shall not be threatened with slogans and cries for another 13th May. Thus, through the open letter, Kit Siang asks the BN government to cooperate with him so that the 13th May incident would not happen again.

A wise man would have learned from his past mistakes. And this proves that Kit Siang is not a clever or wise person.

Kit Siang should’ve learned from history that he was the one who incite the Malays. The Malays at that time were patient and generous enough to share everything with other races as long as they can maintain peace and harmony in the country. However, they went overboard with their racial provocation.

Unfortunately, even though he is old and had gone through many historical incident, Kit Siang did not manage to learn from any of it.

Kit Siang should have understood that the 13th May slogans made by the Malays in the demonstration does not originate from the kangkung issue at all, but it is created by the acts of Namawee, Alvivi, Father Lawrence Andrew, Lawyer Edmond Bon, COMANGO, Nga Kor Ming and hundreds or thousands of the “Red Bean Army” who provokes the Muslim population by insulting Islam, Malay leaders and the Malay Royals.

The 13th May slogan was made as retaliation and a warning for the act of abolishing the Jawi word from signboards, acquisition of land and Malay businesses, the closing of Giat MARA, pressuring UiTM to be open to all the races and also to the act of inciting the abolishment of Bumiputra’s right.

The fact is, the Najib administration is one of the most lenient government compared to all the former Prime Minister to fight for the right of the Malays. As it is known by the public, today even high ranking officials in the government consist of many non-Malays. Ironically, the Malays was not given any chance by the non-Malays to hold top position in the private sectors.

Meanwhile, the Chinese who currently enjoys the right for vernacular schools and the rights to have Chinese language newspapers were never stopped. More than that, the Chinese also has their own radio and TV channel which uses Mandarin and Cantonese as their main language. All of these special treatments given to the minority Chinese has never been stopped even though it’s clearly disrupt the unity amongst the people of this country and also against the aspiration of Malaysia.

Even with all the special treatment given by the government, UMNO leaders are being mocked and provoked by the DAP as a racist party.

Kit Siang has to understand that the DAP is the one who are trying to re-live the 13th May incident.

In the 13th May incident, the DAP provoked, teased and insulted the Malays as they were much inferior, economically compared to the Chinese. DAP insulted the Malays and viewed the Malays with disgust and contempt.

The same thing is happening today when the Chinese is openly proud of their achievement as the highest tax payer and ridiculed the Malays. As if the Chinese was the one who developed the Malaysian economy while the Malays were useless.

This proves that, the Chinese are more racist than the Malays.

Logically, the Chinese will not be able to control the economy if the Malay people are racist. The Malays were the ones who supported Chinese business, and that is why the Chinese can enjoy their wealth today.

Only recently, there are campaigns to boycott Chinese businesses as it also came from the arrogance of the Chinese as it is shown in the 13 May incident.

According to the above facts, Kit Siang should have made his statement regarding the 13th May incident in front of the mirror to himself. He was the one who provoked the Malays and he should’ve known what is coming next.

In conclusion, the “kangkung” water spinach is not the problem. Lim Kit Siang is the problem.

However, we cannot deny the possibility that Kit Siang knows that the second 13th May incident is near. It is possible that he knows what is going to happen and he is the one who tries to repeat history.

If this is true, what will we do? What can we do?