Facebook Introduces Paper: New App Focusing On Stories #pakdin.my


Just few hours ago, Facebook has introduced a new app called Paper which seems to be designed as another alternative way to present status update and news – referred to as “stories” by the company – to users. By alternative, I mean in a less intrusive way.

Made exclusively for iOS at the time being, the Facebook Paper app is generally divided into two section. The first section is dedicated to users’ Facebook news feed which allow them to view status update and shared contents from their Facebook friends in full screen. To browse from one update to another, all users need to do are just swipe to left or right.

Of course, users are able to like, comments, and share the update just like a standard Facebook app. Photos are also displayed in full screen and users can tilt their phones to see the images from corner to corner. In addition to that, there is also full screen video auto playback.

Meanwhile, the second section within the Facebook Paper app is made for articles from selected media outlets and content providers. These stories are curated into several genres and topic which users are able to highlight themselves. Last but not least, users are also still able to post their own status updates, images, and videos through the app.

The new Facebook Paper app will be made available for iPhone in US on 3 February but no mention of any other markets at the time being. If you need to understand the Facebook Paper further, check it out app in action at facebook.com/paper.