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Ini merupakan isu besar dalam media sosial Cina minggu lepas, Perobohan itu juga disiarkan secara langsung di FB di mana seorang wanita menangis dan mengutuk DAP kerana tidak menunaikan janjinya.


Melihat di Facebook pemilik restoran makanan laut tersebut, mereka adalah penyokong Bersih; Selain menghadiri perhimpunan Bersih, mereka juga mengakui bahawa mereka telah mengundi DAP dalam menyokong kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

Seperti biasa, selepas kejadian itu, banyak penyokong DAP telah mengkritik MCA di Facebook yang mengatakan bahawa pengendali adalah ahli MCA dan juga restoran mereka adalah haram.

Penyokong DAP berpendapat bahawa dengan mengecam mereka sebagai anggota MCA orang awam akan mengubah simpati mereka terhadap pengendali, dan bahkan dengan mentaliti “memang patut pun”.


Vote for the rocket, and it will tear down your shop?

Tanjung Sepat Lover’s Bridge restaurants were demolished by District and Land Office recently, sympathizers of the restaurants had posted the video clipping of the incident on social media and it has become a hot topic for discussion and widely shared by netizens.

Put aside who is right and who is wrong, just watch the video clipping of crying and wailing, anyone will feel pity. Besides sympathy, there is more anger, and the fury is aimed at DAP, a component party of Selangor state coalition government. The restaurants owners had held several negotiations with Selangor state executive councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah, hoping to reach a win-win situation but was in vain.

Things have come to this point and as onlookers we don’t know the whole details of the incident, so we are unable to judge right and wrong in law. Of course, if the owners of the restaurants are not satisfied, they can take legal action against Selangor state government; but Selangor state government definitely acted according to the law, the question is whether there was any promise made which is beyond the law, and for this only Ean Yong Hian Wah and the restaurant owners would know.

This incident triggered some pondering. I still remember before Pakatan Rakyat took over the helm of the state government in Penang, there was the incident of Dou Mu Gong Temple, Bukit Mertajam which happened in November 2006. The then Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam Chong Eng wrote an article with the title “Look at the politics of demolishing of Dou Mu Gong” which was published in Kwong Wah Yit Poh. The article mentioned about the demolishing of Dou Mu Gong Temple had embarrassed MCA Penang state executive councillor Lau Chiek Tuan who was also the state assemblyman for that area. She pointed out that the incident happened in MCA constituency and therefore should not put the blame on opposition party.

And now, putting Chong Eng’s words in the incident of Tanjung Sepat Lover’s Bridge restaurants, the area is under PAS’s constituency, and PAS is one of the coalition members of the Selangor state government. Although presently the relationship between PAS and Pakatan Harapan is not certain, since PAS had decided to fulfill the promises to voters in the 2013 general election, then the constituency of PAS should also be the constituency of the ruling party, doesn’t the incident embarrass the Selangor state government?

Back then, Chong Eng was nearly arrested by police during the Bukit Mertajam Dou Mu Gong incident when she tried to stop the demolition act. DAP was dauntless and stood together with the people during that incident; it used to stand together with the people, and now why it has changed attitude after changing of position? DAP has been ruling Penang and Selangor states for nine years, has it forgotten how it had tried to stop the bulldozer together with the people?

Looking at the Facebook of the seafood restaurant operators, they are supporters of Bersih; apart from attending the Bersih rally, they also admitted that they had voted for DAP in supporting of Pakatan Rakyat government. What has driven this group of Pakatan supporters to change their fervent believe and to seek the assistance of Sepang MCA division chief Datuk Ng Chok Sin? It is because they feel that the political party which they have supported cannot assist in solving their problem.

As usual, after the incident, many DAP supporters had criticized MCA on the Facebook saying that the operators are MCA members and also their restaurants are illegal. DAP supporters thought that by charging them as MCA members the public would reserve their feeling towards the operators, and even with a “they deserved it” mentality. Such phenomenon of cyber bullying in protecting DAP and Selangor state government is quite common, it would be strange if they don’t resort to such slandering tactic.

The enforcement of law is no more than human kindness; even if the restaurants are built on the land owned by the state government, the operators had kneeled on the ground crying for mercy and asked for a week’s grace period, or even just give them one day so that they could move out all the furniture and kitchen appliances; but they just didn’t bother about all these request, showing how unkind the Selangor state government is.

The political party that had once stopped the bulldozer together with the people, had now turned the bulldozed against the people and destroyed their livelihood, doesn’t this disappoint the people? Earlier on, the extended portion of the toilet of Kaffa Café situated at the Penang International Airport was being torn down; several outlets owned by its operator Patrick Ooi were also being disturbed. No wonder there is a jingle composed by the netizens over the demolition incidents which says “Vote for the rocket, and it will tear down your shop!”













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