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BERITA926 Assembly: Save Malaysia From Dong Zong

926 Assembly: Save Malaysia From Dong Zong

Dong Zong, a Chinese extremist group which uses chinese education as their cover is planning to organize an assembly which is known as 926 at the Parliament today to protect the power of Director’s Board in Chinese schools.

According to its Vice President, Chow Siew Hong, the assembly should be held because there are efforts from the Education Department in manipulating the appointment of board of directors through the rejection of committee registration at SJKC Jinjang Utara, in order to control Dong Zong. However, the Department explained that the registration of the committee was rejected by Dong Zong’s President, Yap Sin Tian and that Siew Hong failed to follow the requirement where he should appoint three members from related bodies with the school, such as alumnis and the PTA (PIBG).

Even though this is more of a technical issue which was caused by then, but as usual, Yap Sin Tian and Siew Hong would try to point everything to the government.

When the fact is, both Sin Tian and Siew Hong are just afraid to lose their positions and that they might not be able to compete for the coming Dong Zong election when the registration was rejected.

Despite that, the official announcement on the 926 assembly did not mention about the issue on board of directors or their positions specifically but instead, it tries to bring the issue on Chinese Education with the slogan ‘Save Chinese Education Campaign’. Few of their main inspiration would be the issue in SJKC Jinjang Utara, which was an old issue which had been rectified and answered by the government which was it was due to the lack of teachers with Chinese Education background and Chinese private schools in Kuantan.

At the same time, Dong Zong also made the Deputy Minister of Education, Datuk Wee Ka Siong as their target for this coming assembly and demand for him to resign as if there is some personal issue going on between him and Dong Zong. Perhaps they are thinking that Chinese that fights for Malaysia such as Datuk Wee Ka Siong or Chua Soi Lek, as traitors.

At the same time, there is another group which is planning to protest Dong Zong’s actions in organizing the assembly and that they would be defending Datuk Wee. The group thinks that Datuk Wee, and Soi Lek has done so much to Chinese Education. Their facts and figures are true and it could never be denied by anyone.

But, as a responsible and rational leaders, Datuk Wee or Soi Lek would always ensure that everything they do would benefit all Malaysians instead of only one of its races, Chinese. Besides that, the fight to defend Chinese should be based on the right path instead of re-writing history and putting aside the constitution.

Perhaps such stand had caused rage among Dong Zong because they think that Chinese should be above other races.

Looking at what the government has done to Chinese Education, and the tolerance which was given by the majority race of this country which allows vernacular schools to be practiced, the slogan ‘Save Chinese Education’ seems a bit funny.

Why shouldn’t it be, when vernacular schools were deemed to be safe by the government even though the existence would clearly cause chaos among Malaysians. The fact is, Chinese schools, Chinese language and the Chinese has never been in any threat in Malaysia. But Chinese schools are the ones which are threatening the National Language, unity, stability and the peace in this country.

That is why the real slogan which should be used is ‘Save Malaysia From Chinese Education’ because it is the cause to the racial gap between rakyat. This is proven when Chinese children no longer respect other races and religions that they would openly insult other races and religions in social networking sites including Youtube.

Even if there is anything that Dong Zong needs saving, it would be the status of its President and Vice President because they might face the risk of not being able to compete in the coming election. Or, perhaps that is the real intention of making the rally? Both wanting to gain publicity, to become heroes as they challenge the Deputy Minister?

Today, products from Chinese education background are seen as slow and that they sometimes do not even know how to speak nor write when it comes to the National Language nor English. They should be called as half-citizen because barely have any idea about other cultures, they are insensitive towards other races and religions, unable to converse with other races well, and they could not even fin-in to any official and cultural events.

This is the product which Dong Zong is proud of.

As China is opening itself to the world, Dong Zong keep on wanting to bring Malaysian Chinese backwards – to their Mainland ancestors’ era where the minds and world were closed from the whole world.




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