Its budget for the people that was planned for the people – a budget that caters from the cradle to the grave – no one was left out and obviously no single profession and business was not thought of.

Premier Najib Tun Razak had on September 28 unveiled the most beautiful budget that has been described by many as the most practical given the current slow economic growth worldwide that of course affect our country Malaysia.

I remember when I was in Helsinki years ago, and there was this middle age gentleman who was proud of his country Finland because the government took care of its small population from birth to death.

And when Najib presented the budget last Friday and after going through all the pertinent points, I remembered the exact word the man told “the government takes care of us from cradle to the grave”, litterally means Najib’s budget ahs everything for evevrybody which means he cares.

Most importantly is that the budget stressed on the needs of the population that will give yield for them in the future which were housing, education utilities and employment.

These are the need of all Malaysians that can spur economic activities from within and drive the country to a developed nation by 2020.

Najib’s budget made Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) budget that was announced a day before his tabling as ‘kids play’, a mere arithmatic, not even to the level mathematics, chart that even a layman on the street could pen.

Now, three days after Najib table the budget, the opposition called for debate between none other than Bajib and of course PR’s idol Anwar Ibrahim.

A debate on this is already set in Dewan Rakyat, no need to go on stage because that is right and proper platform and not street debate as budget is something that is very, very important that affect the very soul of a country – the population.

Of course the opposition PR would want to show to the voting population that their budget is more reliable when every sane, rational and right thinking Malaysian knows PR’s budget was a mere propaganda.

Like a carrot placed in front of the donkey where the donkey cannot even have a lick at it what more to eat it – literally means the PR’s budget was just a dream out of a wild or childish imagination which is reality is not even worth a thought.

So Malaysians from all walks of life, since Friday rejoice at the new budget which gives them real hope –not make believe hope – their future and that of their children are well taken care of.

And financially, despite the increase in cost of living, Malaysians can still live a comfortable life with the new budget as they can now, at the very least, afford to save a little.

Not so much but as the saying goes the reality of a better life is worth thousand times more of a dream that can never be achieved