Wednesday - August 4, 2021 @ 07:51
BERITAAES Can Be Implemented After 10,000 Death

AES Can Be Implemented After 10,000 Death

Many are complaining about the implementation of Automated Enforcement System (AES) by saying that it would burden road users with dozens of tickets which by the end, would only benefit the private sectors which are involved with the AES contract.

True or not is no longer the question, because when it comes to Ringgit, it gets really sensitive even if most of us knew where those AES cameras are set and that we would slow down as we approach those cameras.

We could have just gone a little slower at those areas so that it would not rip our wallets off, or even our lives.

Each day people died on highways and roads due to accidents and we only live once.

Just imagine having to hear the news that your loved ones are killed in a road accident. How devastating would that be?

Accidents can happen to us at just about any time, whether we are careful on the road or not.

But at least with the AES, we could lessen up those people who speeds too much and this could teach them to appreciate the life of others, hence, reducing the rate of death due to speed, as well as carelessness.

And if we are to ignore that factor, perhaps we should wait until the amount of death toll on road accidents get to 10,000, probably by then we could support the implementation of the AES.

As for now, the average of death is about 6,000 a year, to get to 10,000 we just need another 4,000.

Do we really need to wait until we reach that number? Ask yourselves.

If money is the reason, then drive according to the law, then you do not have to worry about getting any speeding tickets. If life is the question, then keep on driving safely for the sake of your loved ones.



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