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P. BalasubramaniamThis P.Balasubramaniam or popularly known as P.I. Bala seems to be like a guest artiste – like a guest actor in a movie – appears only when is needed like right now when the general election is just around the corner.

Appear in grandeur, with his lawyer who is a PKR leader waiting at the airport and some 50 others, Bala is made to be like the ‘ultimate weapon in the ongoing political war’, the last bomb that is supposedly to ‘flatten’ Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and ruling BN.

One wonder how come Bala, the man who claimed to know all in the Altantuya case is still giving out bits and pieces of the ‘whole episode’ and now return in grandeur to ‘finish off’ everything, meaning to give a complete picture of the case.

And one wonder how come the Attorney-general Chambers and the MACC are not even bothered about Bala’s return?

As a Malaysian, one would wonder the two agencies should be right now questioning Bala everything about the case and the police should also get Bala to spill out everything.

The point here is that the case, which had been closed by the court, is being probed by the opposition in every angle with the aim to re-open it and point the finger to PM and wife.

Simply put is the oppositions want to see Najib and wife accused for the murder of the Mongolian model and be jailed…no more and no less…and for that purpose, the oppositions, particularly Anwar Ibrahim is very determine to see the aim is achieved.

Bala, the so-called private investigator, suddenly appeared from his hide out at a time when the country is going to hold its general election, and pledge to tell the whole truth.

Why didn’t he tell the truth or spill out everything when he was here some two years ago?

Why didn’t he spill out the truth when MACC wanted to meet him overseas where he was hiding?

Why did he return now and at a time when carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan is also pursuing the same matter?

Or is it a plan, a strategy by the ‘director’ of the make-believed movie for both Bala and Deepak to make the ‘last minute kill’ to ensure victory for Anwar and the oppositions?

Are both the men credible when they reveal or purposely reveal bits and pieces of what they claimed to know everything?

Or are this two men try to buy time to get the highest bidder for personal benefits given the fact that Anwar is desperate to sit at Putrajaya and is willing to pay any amount to get it?

The fact is when both the men have been seen with PKR leaders and their lawyers are PKR members, would one think that both men are truly credible and non-partisan in their stand?

All this questions should be asked and the relevant government agencies should get the two men to tell everything so that the truth will prevail before they continue to play the ‘I will tell further in next press conferences or in the court’ which no one knows when the case will be heard.

In this case, Malaysians at large would want to know the truth and the credibility of the two men will determine the credibility of the oppositions particularly Anwar.

Given the gravity of the matter, AG’s Chamber, MACC and the police should by now be more concerned and get to the bottom of the case so that Malaysians know the truth.



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