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BERITAAmbiga Finally Surrenders

Ambiga Finally Surrenders

After leading 25,000 people to the streets who shouted provoking words to the police that finally ended in chaos, injuries, damage of public properties and a lot of trash, Ambiga shamelessly denied any responsibility to anything at all. Claiming she didn’t ask the protestors to act in terror, she absolutely has no regret whatsoever for refusing to accept the Stadium Merdeka to hold the supposedly ‘Sit Down Protest’.

She was expecting a good publicity and somewhat political mileage for the political parties that support her liberal cause. She was hoping that BERSIH could help the liberals take power, one way or another. Should she failed to do it through the streets, at least BERSIH would have painted the picture that the general election, whenever it is, is not clean and unfair and therefore, provides good reason to hold more protest or maybe even invite foreign interference that eventually would help change the government.

She must have expected a great deal of condemnation from the government supporters but of course it would come with a fair coverage of her ‘strength and determination’. So, after all the damage is done, she thought that she could have gone home and rest and enjoy listening to people talking about her ‘heroism’.

She definitely didn’t expect that the ordinary people or the ‘nobodies’, would retaliate to the consequences that she had put them through, by making her life miserable. They didn’t do much, actually, accept put up stalls and danced a little in front of her house, but that’s enough to make her shiver.

In her panic, she called them stupid, immature, jobless people who have nothing better to do. She was angry that they disrupt the harmony of her neighbourhood and deny her the privacy and create tons of trash along the streets to her house.

What she didn’t realize was that she did the same to them too, even worse, because she had caused them their daily-earnings. She didn’t realize that there were residential apartments in Kuala Lumpur too – along the road that the stupid BERSIH ‘occupied’ on that 28th April 2012. The residents in the apartments, the guests in the hotels who must have had better plans on that day were stranded, scared and most probably wondering why is this stupid woman Ambiga trying to tear a peaceful country apart and spoil their plans for the day?

Of course, Ambiga would defend herself by saying that it was only ‘one’ day. But then, BERSIH 2.0 on 9th July 2011 was also ‘one’ day. And we are sure that there would be another ‘one’ day later on as PAS is already singing the song. So, who knows how many ‘one’ day would there be if this Ambiga wasn’t taught a good lesson?

One may say that the whole avenging act was childish but nevertheless, we congratulate the traders and the ordinary people who came up with the idea of practicing their rights to express their disapproval of BERSIH and doing it at the right place – in front of Ambiga’s house.

Ambiga claimed to have represented the people and the ordinaries but then, face it, these are the people, the ordinaries who have never supported her cause. There were police reports and calls for her to cancel the BERSIH rally and the calls were made by none other than the ordinary people.

But did Ambiga listen to us?

And when the hell did we elect her to represent us? She definitely doesn’t represent me, and my family and my colleagues and my friends who now can’t even stand the sight of her.

Whatever it is, thank God that she finally learns her lesson yesterday after 2 more groups came up to express their disapproval of BERSIH. And so, she couldn’t take it anymore of the memos, the disturbance, or the ‘peaceful pasar-malam’ in front of her house. And that’s just as far as this LGBT Goddess would go. She cracked, under pressure.

Ambiga finally apologized!

Let’s not judge her sincerity and leave it at that or take it as it is.

With this, we believe that Ambiga will never bother us, the ordinary Malaysians, ever again. If she did, we can promise her that her neighbors would chase her away from their neighbourhood



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