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BERITAAmpang LRT: What Is Rafizi's Motive?

Ampang LRT: What Is Rafizi’s Motive?

Rafizi Ramli

Actually, all issues regarding the LRT development project contract for Ampang line were all triggered by PKR’s Strategic Director, Rafizi Ramli has been answered by itself when Prasarana Berhad confirmed that was no contract given to any companies including George Kent’s company from UK like what was claimed by Rafizi.

The police report lodged by Rafizi also was more into investigating WHETHER there were any misappropriation for the contract offer, not that he showed any evidence to prove on the misappropriation. We highlighted the word WHETHER to show that even Rafizi was uncertain about the matter.

Not many are aware of this fact. Actually, when he was with the police (lodging the report) he asked for an investigation, but when he is in front of supporters, he would say something else – evidence had been given to the police. Why lie?

So there is no surprise why this issue did not really raise any attention from rakyat like the matter of NFC which Rafizi was involved as well. Realizing the fact, he then tries to create yet another lie, as if the Ampang LRT project is not safe and that it could harm rakyat.

This safety issue which was raised, said as if the Prime Minister was involved for the award of the project, it is not safe because George Kent’s company do not have any experience in building LRT. But the matter was not exaggerated because his real target was to point his finger to PM on the awarding the project.

When the PM issue was proven to be untrue, and that it did not raise any of rakyat’s attention, Rafizi then covered the issue to safety by saying that the project would not be safe because it is near to lakes, former quarries etc.

Not just that, he even asked Selangor government to put a stop to the development on LRT Putra Heights and Taman Subang Alam rail which are in Selangor. If it is true that the project is not safe, bring the matter to court to put a stop to the project. Why just want to stop the development in Selangor? Because Pakatan Rakyat is in power?

It is obvious that this is just another political issue. with no investigation and confirmation from experts, and that Rafizi himself do not have any credentials in Construction, he simply want to claim that the project is unsafe. Even the name Prof Madya Dr Tajul Jamaluddin which Rafizi mentioned is still a blur. We still do not know his expertise. Sure, he has ‘Prof Madya’ in front of his name, but is he qualified to question about the structure and the environment?

Even if he is, what about the opinions of experts who are working for Prasarana and the government itself? Has Rafizi taken their opinions?

It is clear that this showed that Pakatan Rakyat is only interested to sabotage the government’s project which could benefit rakyat by politicizing the issue. This is just as same as the delay for the development of Loji Langat 2 project which now triggered water issue in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, all because of these people who like to politicize things.

Pakatan Rakyat do not want BN to contribute to rakyat. They failed to do such thing in Selangor, water and waste management were few of the things which showed the failure of Pakatan Rakyat in leading. That is just Selangor, what about the other two states? (Kedah and Penang)

Kelantan? Let us all forget about Kelantan…they are gone.






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