Sunday - August 1, 2021 @ 07:54
BERITAAndroid App Lets You Locate All AES Cameras

Android App Lets You Locate All AES Cameras

We’ve always found that one of our subforums is one of the best source of news (and other not-so-informative stuff). Today it lived up to its high standards of community-shared information again, with a thread which announced an app that alerts users of all AES cameras nationwide.

Developed by “kevin chua”, AES Detector (which is only on Android’s Play Store currently) uses a smart device’s GPS to track the user’s location, and will trigger an audio alert when the user is 500 metres away from a camera. It uses the locations and coordinates given by the Road Transport Ministry, so there will be areas where the AES cameras are not yet installed. Best of all, it’s free! However, users will first need to install Adobe AIR on their devices before it can be used.

Sorry, iOS users. There isn’t an AES app for the iOS platform just yet.

(Source: /K)

Thanks, azerak!

*Note: it appears our sister site Wanista has also covered the story. Maybe there are females in /K after all…



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