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BERITAENGLISHAngkatan Muda Keadilan Troubled Over Video Which Seems Like Anwar

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Troubled Over Video Which Seems Like Anwar

Anwar Sodomy MahasiswaAs a few PKR supporters kept on questioning the authenticity of “Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Mahasiswa” video, many Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) members seem convinced that the individual in the video is actually Anwar Ibrahim.

They have watched the video which showed how big Anwar’s lust was, heading towards his partner, which adds more doubt on the moral of the party leader.

Their are even more convinced as recently, PKR Strategic Director, Rafizi Ramli accidentally confirmed that Anwar is a friendly person as he refers to the video published by blogger, PapaGomo.

In a few other previous videos and pictures, especially the intimate video between Anwar and his Chinadoll, they are still trying their best to put the blame to strengthen their claim saying that the video was acted by another individual who looks almost as same as Anwar.

Now, they are all stunned and cannot help but to accept the fact that their leader has low moral. They know that the person in the video is Anwar himself.

This scenario is worrying and troubling for AMK and PKR leaders, especially if this keeps on being questioned, spreading doubt among PKR members against their leader.

To make matters worse, whenever Anwar joins any ceramah or to meet up with people recently, from day to day, the number of PKR supporters attending those events seem to be declining. This is a clear sign that many are shying away from PKR and PR.

If this goes on, even party members might begin to question Anwar’s moral behavior and this could put PKR in a dangerous spot as GE13 draws closer.

Especially as for now PAS’ trust on Anwar seem weak when few of its leaders and supporters decided to reject Anwar as Prime Minister due to his moral and personal issues.

Besides that, PAS supporters who controls mosques and surau are also trying to avoid from getting Anwar or any PKR leaders from joining any of their religious activities because they fear that it might deter PAS’ image.

This would definitely be tough for Anwar and PKR to gain the trust from their own supporters.

Perhaps this is why PR propaganda machine is now busy making up stories linking the video with UMNO with the hope that it could raise public’s sympathy.

Not enough with the propaganda, PKR then tries to make a false video to create a public perception that as if all previous videos and pictures of Anwar were fabricated. Perhaps this could fool PR supporters, but the public would never accept it just like that.



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