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So dissatisfaction is now an open feelings in PAS with many members and supporters wanting the Ulamak Council chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat to make way for deputy Dr Harun Din.

No longer a secret as PAS members see the ‘closeness’ with DAP has somewhat erodes the party’s basic principle of struggling and championing the Islamic cause.

PAS which has been in the front in defending Islam is now toned down whenever DAP leaders especially Karpal Singh hit Islam in several aspects as the leaders, who are liberals and associated with Anwar Ibrahim, kept quiet.

This is particularly so with MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad and even deputy president Mohamed Sabu or Mat Sabu, who at times seen as defending Karpal and DAP and consider those who hit at Karpal as ‘tools of Umno.’

This is especially so when the party former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa hits out at DAP and Karpal, when Nasharuddin himself is a member of the Ulamak Council and he has the right to do.

But Khalid and even vice-president Salahuddin Ayub lashed out and alleged Nasharuddin was made used by Umno while knowing he is the party member and an Ulamak Council member.

But the public and party members at grassroots level know Khalid and Sallahuddin and even Mat Sabu are ‘stooges of Anwar’ who wanted to see PAS out of the clutch veteran fundamentalists so that he could control the party.

Anwar’s aim is to prepare a platform in case his party PKR split up given its multi-racial composition and the heavy politicking between the races that would one day end up in a big split and probably dissolved.

After all, PKR was formed based on reformasi, like what Bersih led by S Ambiga is championing for, but now it is for Anwar’s own ambition to become Prime Minister and he cannot be one if his party PKR is in trouble internally.

So Anwar planted his men in PAS, and tries to change PAS struggles to suit his liberal stand so that he still gets the support of his foreign masters.

And right now, Anwar sees Nasharuddin as the stumbling block to his ambition because Nasharuddin’s influence is not small in PAS.

Nasharuddin’s influence is wide including young members who are fundamentalists besides the veteran fundamentalists and supporters who are not members.

Thus, Anwar and gang must get rid of Nasharuddin so that the fundamentalists in PAS would not have a voice to shout and would just follow the liberals who formed two-thirds of the leadership line-up.

And Dr Harun Din is of the same mind as Nasharuddin and this worries Anwar and the liberals…if Harun Din takes over from Nik Aziz, the the liberals will be buried in the party and Anwar’s ambition goes out of the window.

So Anwar and the liberals must make sure Nasharuddin is out of the party so that Harun Din is left alone and easier to manipulate.

After all, Nik aziz is already udner their control through Husam Musa.

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