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BERITAENGLISHAnwar Cannot Be Next PM Due To Immorality - Tun M

Anwar Cannot Be Next PM Due To Immorality – Tun M

Anwar & Chinadoll ?

‘Immorality’ was one of the reason why Anwar Ibrahim was sacked in 1998. The decision to sack Anwar was not taken alone by the Prime Minister at the time, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, but it decided in UMNO’s Higher Council Meeting after taking consideration from evidence and witnesses.

This is the kind of history which Anwar cannot possibly change even though he was later released.

Even in judgement statement on his release, the three judges stressed that they believe that Anwar was involved in such immoral activity, homosexuality that is, but they cannot sentence him considering that the witness was confused on the date of the event.

In the same trial, it was also revealed how Anwar was involved in a scandal with Shamsidar Taharin, the wife of his aide, Azmin Ali. There are still a few things that cannot be denied by Anwar, Shamsidar and Azmin regarding the case up until today, including who is the father to one of Shamsidar’s children, Afifah.

Afifah’s position in Azmin’s family became a question when it was revealed in court that Shamsidar often refer her child as Anwar’s. Azmin failed to prove that Afifah is his child when he refused to accept rakyat’s demand to perform a DNA test. Instead, he did it silently in another country without revealing any result.

Other than having a scandal with Shamsidar, Anwar also had intimate casual relationship with a few other women. A few of them did come up to cooperate with police investigation and with UMNO High Council.

Besides sodomy, scandal with a friend’s wife and vice with a few women, Anwar was also found guilty for being involved in power abuse charges including threatening witnesses to change their statements. Each of his corruption issues were proven with the wealth among sibling and friends who became his crony, including Shamsidar whom each gain huge contracts with salaries worth hundreds of thousands without having to work at all.

Up until now, Anwar still cannot deny even one of those charges without any concrete response.

Considering that he still has a lot of supporters despite of those charges, he became even more arrogant and daring.

That is why, since his release, Anwar kept on sodomizing until he was once again he was involved in yet another sodomy charge which was made against one of his personal aides.

However, once again Anwar managed to get himself out of it with the excuse of technical error even though he told the world that Malaysian court is unfair, controlled by the government which he wants to take over.

Just like the first sodomy trial, the acquittal from sodomy case 2 does not mean that he is not guilty or that the charge was not true.

Anwar forgot that in politics, no friends would stay with him forever, the same thing goes to enemies. Anwar made a wrong move. His friends began to reveal all of his misdemeanour. It turns out that Anwar’s immoral activities has been recorded, perhaps for their ‘insurance’ for the future, or perhaps for their own safety.

Whatever their reasons may be, now the whole world could see Anwar’s sex tape with a China Doll which was revealed by one of his former friends. Even though most of his supporters had to lie to themselves by saying that the man was not Anwar, but that did not stop few of them to really think about the matter. Added with Anwar’s failure to present the Omega watch which became one of the vital element in the issue, and his refusal to face the issue seriously. Instead, he kept on avoiding himself from answering questions.

In the middle of it, a website which is controversial, Wikileaks then revealed the communication between Singapore and America where they confirmed that Anwar was involved in a homosexual activity when he was at the country based on a ‘trap’ which they had set to gain evidence.

Singapore however, refuse to cooperate and simply kept quiet in this issue.

Thus, Anwar’s moral issues are not something that is fabricated. His refusal to take legal action against those who became the key for this matter such as Nallakarupan, Umi Hafilda and Ezam Mohd Nor somehow prove that he is guilty.

Malaysia cannot afford to have this kind of Prime Minister. Especially when foreign countries have evidence of his immoral activities. An immoral country leader can easily be threatened by those who are keeping his secret.

Finally, Malaysia cannot acknowledge an immoral person as a PM, as long as we are holding on to the constitution which puts Islam as this country’s official religion. Islam does not tolerate with this matter especially when there are a lot of other leaders out there who are much more qualified than Anwar when it comes to leading this country.



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