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POLITIKAnwar Challenges Najib To Compete In Marang: A Stupid Publicity

Anwar Challenges Najib To Compete In Marang: A Stupid Publicity

If there is any competition on who challenges who the most, Anwar Ibrahim should be the champion. His love in challenging people has become a joke for Malaysians. If he ever get any chance, he would definitely challenge the Prime Minister because he believe that PM is his only right competition. Despite that, he did not even want to take up any challenges from Nallakarupan, Umie Hafilda or Ezam Md Nor which are the keys for his charge.

Few of the challenges which were given to Dato’ Seri Najib from Anwar would be the PTPTN issue, debate on Malay issues, and the latest, he challenges Dato’ Seri Najib to compete in Marang, PAS President, Hadi Awang’s constituency.

The question here is, why would Dato’ Seri Najib compete in Marang when he is born in Pekan? Unless if opposition leaders could simple compete anywhere they want because they think that rakyat vote for their leaders based on how often ceramah are given and not based on their service as well as their work performance.

If that is not true, there would be no way that Hadi Awang suddenly made a statement that he wants to compete in Pekan. Once again, why would Hadi want to compete in Pekan? Why would he want to compete in other people’s constituency? What has he done to people of Pekan when he did not even do anything to people of Marang?

After quite a while, we are getting more and more aware of Anwar’s tactics where he would challenge someone on reasons that are illogical, which would then be rejected. This tactic is done only to show how great he is, which does ot require him to do anything about it.

Besides that, he would only use this tactic when he is running out of issues and that when his popularity is dropping. Perhaps he is holding on to the principle where cheap publicity is better than no publicity at all. However, in the issue of challenging Dato’ Seri Najib to compete in Marang, that is no longer a cheap publicity, but it is a stupid one.

It seems that Anwar only talks about it just so that he could grab people’s attention, only because he does not have much to say.

This strategy of changing constituency is made only to show that Hadi Awang is not a dictator. Everyone knows that Hadi is not a dictator!

Thus, if he feels that he need to prove it, that would have been weird. Because everyone know that Hadi is just a slave to DAP as well as Anwar Ibrahim, the real dictator.

Hadi also knew that he would be embarrassed if he lose in Marang, but he would not be embarrassed if he is to lose in Pekan. perhaps this is one of the ways which is set by certain sides for him to end his political career?

Whatever it is, Hadi Awang is not a significant character in Pakatan Rakyat. Hado do not have the charisma and caliber as a leader. Even in meetings, Hadi would only give opening speech before handing the meeting to someone else.

So, this raises a few other questions, what is Anwar’s game in this issue? Who is his real target? Najib or Hadi? Or it is only to let off some steam because he needs to speak even though he ran out of issues?

Or is it because he is desperate to divert media’s attention regarding his liberal understanding when his daughter, Nurul Izzah allow Muslims to go murtad?



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