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BERITAENGLISHAnwar Dissolved Wan Azizah's Camp #GE13

Anwar Dissolved Wan Azizah’s Camp #GE13

wan-azizah-karpal‘Wan Azizah’s service is no longer needed’. That is what Anwar Ibrahim was trying to imply as he announced that his wife, who is also the President of PKR, will not be contesting in GE13. It is quite weird to know that Wan Azizah, as President to the party, did not announce the matter herself, instead, she let her husband announce the matter on her behalf, like a good housewife.

However, it is not impossible that the announcement was made by Anwar without the approval from Wan Azizah as President, how she only approved it for being his wife.

All these while, Wan Azizah is only needed to gain sympathy from rakyat when Anwar was in jail during his sex scandal issue. Wan Azizah’s task was to show the world that Anwar is a good husband. Now, with Anwar out of jail and the latest sex scandal shows that it is not the main factor in facing election, Wan Azizah’s service is no longer needed.

It is understood that the excuse given by Anwar to Azizah is to avoid from being criticized for practising nepotism. Nurul Izzah os enough, says Anwar, Wan Azizah can focus on her grandchildren.

Actually, in PKR, this announcement is something expected. This is because, recently, Anwar often describe Wan Azizah as nuisance because her presence causes tension among leaders.

Wan Azizah’s jealousy is making it tough for Anwar to ‘operate’ freely in party meetings. It seems like what was revealed by Mohd Fareez Kamal Intidzam, the aide of Ampang MP political Secretary, Zuraida Kamaruddin is proven to be correct where Wan Azizah gets jealous whenever Anwar gets close to any men.

Fareez’s urge so that Wan Azizah should be ‘put aside’ for the sake of the party seemed successful when Anwar chooses to support the young man, instead of his own wife.

The disunity within PKR top leadership is no longer a secret. Rakyat who follow the political scene in Malaysia is aware that Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali can never see eye to eye thanks to the intimate relationship between Azmin and his wife, Shamsidar with Anwar. Thus, the effort to push each other aside has never stopped.

Wan Azizah’s camp shows strong support from her daughter, Nurul Izzah as well as Khalid Ibrahim. Just like how Wan Azizah sees it, Khalid also sees Azmin as a dangerous enemy because he is crazy for power.

Azmin puts himself even higher than Wan Azizah even though the woman is the President of the party. And Fareez is suspected to be the weapon used by Azmin to eliminate Wan Azizah. It is not impossible that the efforts to eliminate Nurul Izzah is also going on, however, this would not be easy, because Anwar really love his daughter.

Anwar’s actions has caused everyone in the party lose their respect for Wan Azizah as President.

That is why, the reason why Wan Azizah is still in the party is due to sympathy. Besides that, those who chooses to stay in her camp are the ones who do not favor Azmin. With Wan Azizah out of the picture, the camp should have been dissolved on its own, unless Nurul Izzah could prove herself to Anwar that she is better than Azmin Ali.

Perhaps Anwar was right to eliminate Wan Azizah because the decision should help avoid disunity among top leadership. However, it is hard for us to understand how Anwar chooses to provide support to Azmin’s camp, instead of his wife.

Even though we could not understand it, we are not shock with this because we are well aware that Wan Azizah is at the bottom of Anwar’s priority list. Everyone know that the person Anwar love the most is himself, followed by Azmin and his scandals, and then his children, and at the bottom, his wife.

That is why, not that we want to ruin Anwar’s marriage, but we pity Wan Azizah as she kept on making a fool of herself for the sake of a sodomite and a betrayer. And for what?



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