Anwar Donates USD700,000 To Build Mosque In Palestine To Be Destroyed By Israel

wallAnwar’s statement saying “I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel” still lingers around all Muslims, and it definitely haunts Palestinians. Such clear statement cannot be twisted in any ways.

Thus, Anwar’s attempt in denying his own statement to avoid from being described as a donkey for the Jews, did not lead him anywhere. However, Anwar acted as if nothing is wrong and still brings the image of Islam, just to ensure that he would still gain Muslim Malay votes.

Even though the masquerades used by Anwar such as SUARAM and BERSIH had proven to have received foreign funds which are involved in regime change missions led by the Jews, but this did not stop Anwar from pretending as if he shares the same sentiment as all Muslims regarding the issue in Palestine.

That is why, when Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak received the invitation to Gaza, alongside Rosmah, Anwar had to work hard to go a lot further than that, even when Najib’s visit is just the matter of meeting up with other Muslims, not politics or even for publicity.

Thus, Anwar do not want to lose the game, within a day or two, he prepared RM2.1 million or USD700,000 to be donated to Hamas, to build a mosque in Palestine on February 1. Anwar had to run around calling the media to ensure that his pictures donating to Palestine can be seen by his supporters to win over Dato’ Seri Najib’s visit.

We are not sure how did he get so much money that fast. Even Hamas’ representative who received the cheque cannot be identified because everything was done in a rush at PKR headquarter in Tropicana.

To be fair to Anwar, it is okay if he does not go to a war zone, donating is good enough considering that he supports Israel.

It is true, we cannot know how sincere Anwar is whenever he donates, but we could still ask where did the money come from. And it is not wrong for us to describe Anwar as a hypocrite towards Palestinians.

This is because, even though RM2.1 million is a huge amount of money, how big is it to be compared to Anwar’s signature during Annapolis Summit in 2007 which supports the settlement between two states by acknowledging Israel.

What is USD700,000 to be compared to hundreds of thousands of acres worth of land in Palestine which are taken over, houses burnt, just to make way for Israel, all approved by Anwar.

The money is even bigger than the lives of Palestinians that are lost for the past decades, just to protect the national security of Israel, as supported by Anwar.

Conclusion is, developing the mosque is a good effort, but it would not bring any significance towards Palestinians’ fight, because they can still perform their prayers anywhere, even without Anwar’s donation. With the conflict going on in Palestine, the cost to build a mosque is not important. The important thing that matters is to give them the guarantee that they could live and perform their prayers in peace.

Thus, what Dato’ Seri Najib did, working to ensure Hamas and Fatah would work together is much more significant. What is being done by other organizations such as Aman Malaysia and others in providing construction supplies for school, hospital as well as supplies for food, clothes and medicines are much more significant.

Moreover, no matter how much money Anwar donates from his comfortable office in Tropicana, is nothing to be compared to Dato’ Seri Najib’s preparedness to risk his security and life, to head over there.

That is why, my advice to Anwar, before looking out for any publicity, explain to us which side are you on – Israel or Palestine? Whatever it is, as of for now, I am still waiting for the news if Anwar would held another one of his ‘apology tour’ to his Zionist leaders for his mistake in making donations to Hamas.

However, if we are to look at it in a different angle, obviously those Zionists would rather want Anwar’s name to come out on top than letting Dato’ Seri Najib’s leadership shine for his uniting Hamas and Fatah.