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Malaysia, a melting pot for culture and food, is known for her tolerance and fair distribution of wealth as well as freedom of worship and expression.

It is cosmopolitan in every way as the government does not restrict her population in seeking wealth and freedom to choose what type of education they want – the only country that allows vernacular schools to exist alongside the national schools.

Malaysia is the only country in the world that allows her Chinese population to study in their mother tongue language which is the Chinese schools and Indians the Indian schools, while both the races can also opt to study in national schools which uses Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of the country.

Bahasa Malaysia is the national language given the majority of the population are Malays but English is compulsory in these schools as it is the international language that the population need to use for businesses as well as further studies.

Economically, the Chinese and Indians have all the freedom to do businesses as the abundance of wealth in the country has no boundaries and the freedom to seek wealth is well open for those who have the initiatives and enterprising.

In short, the government, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, through her policies does not discriminate any races in all aspects as the slogan 1Malaysia treats every individual as equal irrespective of race or class.

Given such a background, there are still, a minor part of the population, who cry foul and condemn the government alleging discriminations and abuse of power.

With the upcoming 13th general election, the oppositions, led by Anwar Ibrahim, hit the pre-election campaign trail with issues that are considered as irrelevant by the majority.

Attempting to cover their weaknesses and failures, the oppositions go on an aggressive onslaught against the ruling party alleging corruptions, abuse of power and mismanagements.

Diverting their weaknesses and failures in the states they rule – Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah and Penang – they tell lies and create make-believed scenarios that aim at creating doubts towards the credibility and image of the ruling party.

To some extent, the oppositions have been successful initially but lately, the voters who voted for them in 2008 general election are seeing through their bluffs.

They know Anwar-led oppositions are only good in making promises but never fulfill them as being experienced by those in the states ruled by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

So at present Anwar is keeping quiet or move silently because attendance to his talks or ceramahs have dwindled drastically, no more in thousands, just a few hundreds who are imported.

Knowing that he is no longer trusted by the public at large but only politicians who have ulterior motives, Anwar let his men speak out, raising issues and running down the government through whatever means they can think of.

Anwar is actually ‘going down the political scale’ on credibility and he is trying to put a stop to this by doing so.

He knows if he continues to open his mouth, he will continue sliding down the political scale to one stage where nobody will want to hear him out.

A clear example is the dwindling audience he is getting from his talks and ceramahs. The truth hurts and to Anwar, the truth hurts badly.



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