Anwar Kisses Soros Through Suaram

Anwar, Soros, ICG & APCO

Since a while ado, the NGO which claim that they fight on the name of human rights, Suaram, has been trying their best to link the Prime Minister with the purchase of Scorpene submarines and the murder of Altantuya by saying that there were and scandal involved. But now, everything had proven that Suaram’s charges are all lies when the French themselves confirmed that there was no trial made against Scorpene held in their contry like what was claimed by Suaram and that there were no records of Altantuya entering the country within the period which they stated.

Finally, now the issue is no longer about Scorpene nor Altantuya, but it is Suaram itself. With the statement made by France and response provided by the Military and government on the trial of Altantuya’s murder, it is not clear that the lies Suaram made were heavy.

Turns out, Suaram is just another mask which is used by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to for politics, and not to fight for human rights. With that, an investigation on Suaram’s background revealed that Suaram has been operating on a doubtful fund which is from another foreign country so that they could launch their operation and mission.

It seems that holding on the principal of ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend’, Suaram or PR began to work together with foreign entity to gain the same goal which is to bring down the government.

And when it comes to foreign entity, the name that always pop out would be non other than George Soros and his organization, Open Society Foundations.

For the Scorpene issue, Suaram used two French lawyers, Joseph Breham and William Bourdon, a famous human rights lawyer. William Bourdon is the founder of Sherpa, an organization which fights for economic issues involving poor countries. it is funded by Tides Foundation and both receive funds from Open Society Foundations (OSF) which is owned by George Soros.

Tides Foundation was found to have been channelling funds to Suaram. According to their website, Tides Foundation is an international organization which supports left-wing agendas which goes against the government. This NGO also channels the fight for LGBT.

So this explains Ambiga Sreenevasen statement which says that Bersih also receives fund from OSF other than National Democratic Institute (NDI) because Ambiga was the backbone of the Seksualiti Merdeka program which becomes the platform the fight for LGBT rights in Malaysia. Hence, this proves that Bersih, just like Suaram, is funded by Soros and led by PR.

Anwar Ibrahim, PR’s highest leader did have an earlier relationship with George Soros which was during the economic crisis which hit this country back in 1997/1998.

At that time, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, as the Prime Minister blamed Soros and described him as the ‘currency crook’. he worked hard to ensure that Malaysia would become the ‘Asia’s Tiger’ and he was raged when the country’s economy was attacked that it almost went out of control. He believed that it is not something ‘natural’ but it was planned by currency traders such as Soros, or especially Soros.

Tun Mahathir refused to accept any recovery plans from IMF in order to save Malaysian economy. That was why the West used their ‘weapon’, Anwar Ibrahim, the Deputy Prime minister and Finance Minister at that time to ensure that they could bring down Asian’s economy, especially Malaysia because it was going too well. This matter was reported by the Executive Intelligence Review (

Anwar has been known as the West’s ‘pet’ even years before the incident happened. His visits to America and other Western countries would often be welcomed with highest respects, even more than Tun Mahathir himself and this often raise questions around the world.

As Finance Minister, Anwar then pushed Malaysia to take the recovery program from IMF where interest raise should be raised even though Tun Mahathir did not agree upon it. The method was then proven to be a huge fail when various businesses had to be stopped because owners could not pay for their loans and no one dared to apply for loans. That was why, in such a short period of time, our country’s economy almost came to a halt.

Realizing the critical situation, Tun Mahathir was quick to take over the country’s economy and looked for other solutions to recover everything. He then took the decision to bind RInggit to reduce the risk of being attacked. With that, Malaysian economy began to recover within a short period of time as other neighboring countries suffer for taking IMF’s recovery plans.

At the same time, Anwar was getting more aggressive and impatient to bring Tun Mahathir down, but everything failed when the investigation regarding Ummi Hafilda’s letter regarding his homosexual activities and power abuse were revealed. Further investigations ended up with him getting sacked.

Since then, Anwar’s relationship with Soros was getting more and more obvious. OSF played important role in providing bad reputation for Tun Mahathir and raising the image of Anwar in the international scene though Western media. Anwar was made as a democratic icon and suddenly Tun Mahathir was pictured as a leader who rule with an iron-fist.

Soros’s friends, including Al-Gore and Wolfowitz also provided help when Anwar was in jail, out of jail, when he resided in America and even up until now. Funds kept on getting channeled to Anwar through Suaram, bersih and many other ways. That is why Anwar and his family manages to live such lavish life, even PKR has so much funds when it comes to facing elections.

The question here is, if Anwar, PKR and DAP through Suaram and Bersih are tools for Soros to destroy this country and Islam both directly or indirectly, what would it be for PAS? Do they realize about this matter or they just do not mind that they are just tools for Soros?