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ANWAR DOKUMENJohor PKR youth chief…just a youth chief named Shamsuddin said Anwar Ibrahim is the only person who is acceptable by all levels of population to become the Prime Minister.

He said in Pakatan Rakyat everything could be discussed and settled.

Obviously this guy is just low level guy who is not privy to the discssions and happenings at higher level and he also does not read the newspapers or portals where leaders of PAS and DAP are lashing out at each other on averything and anything.

He is obviously at a very low level to the extent that he does not know the feelings of people and surroundings and the development of issues that are being raised and debated.

And it is such people that are supporting Anwar and gang because they just do not read nor listen to others but merely follow those above their positions…they are what others call as foot soldiers.

Ask no questions but just follow…they may not even know any political philosophy or principles and they may even know what constitutes corruptions and so on.

But they are the ones that Anwar put as ‘foot-soldiers’, the front-liners that would go from house-to-house to campaign, besides others like members of the women’s wing.

Such people just follow Anwar blindly as they are not exposed to the other side of the story as normally, such people would not want to open their minds to other avenue of information.

They fear their mind would be ‘corrupted with new and true exposures’ or their leaders just wanted them to stay stupid so that they can easily manipulate without these people asking questions.

Like it or not, people like Shamsuddin are the ones PKR leaders liked to have as they are loyal (obviously blindly) and follow instructions (blindly too) and are willing to sacrifice their time and not money (because such people may not have money even for themselves and depending on the leaders to give them).

Thus, his words to the ceramah that he gave probably only convince those who are in the same league…while above that league would just cajole him to continue talking by clappings and cheering.

After all, the PKR leaders have nothing to lose but for Shamsuddin, he has everything to lose, besides image and credibility, he would lose pride.

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