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Lajim Ukin, Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap, Anwar Ibrahim, Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing dan Ketua PKR Sabah, Ahmad Thamrin Jaini

SABAH, Anwar Ibrahim’s favourite haunt to boost his ego with the ready MPs and state assemblymen to ‘jump ship’ to suit their own purpose.

So far Wilfred Bumburing from Tuaran, Lajim Ukin and Senator Maijol Mahap have defected to Anwar while he boasts of few more coming over to his side.

The Sabah ‘jump overs’ have been Anwar’s ‘ace cards’ as he struggles to ‘convince’ more to jump, making it easier for him to go to Putrajaya, his ultimate aim in life probably.

He was just ‘an inch’ away from Putrajaya when he was knocked down by passing train..ha ha ha…which make him so mad that he would not want to rest until he gets the ‘throne’.

And in his madness, craze for power to do anything he wants, he travels around the country looking for ‘jumpers’ to achieve his aim, to fulfill his yearnings to be the number one man in the country.

Sabah, for him is a playground as the people there, as far he is concern, are easy prey to his magical charms, his promises that he himself has yet to fulfill which he probably has doubts himself.

Easy manipulation…Anwar the man who manipulates anybody to get to his goal now treats Sabah as his new ‘source of political income’ which is votes…as he knows his manipulations can go far in that state.

The state is not a new playground for him but it is an old playground re-visited, the state that had disappointed him in September 2008 and now he is out for revenge, the vendetta he had waited three years.

However, he is probably in for a second disappointment. The people who defected actually have no more influence over the voters whom they claimed are their supporters.

Sabahans are now much more clever and smarter. They know they are sought after by politicians of both the divide and they know very well who are the liars and who are the workers – those who work to uplift their economic status.

They know the truth about all the politicians that fly up and down their state, the politicians that throw promises and never fulfill and those that give no promises but deliver the goods.

They know all of them and they know who to pick. No need for politicians to come and go and throw promises because they know what these politicians can do and what they cannot do.

They are no longer like ‘children’ who are awed by the sweet talks and pormises and Anwar knew this. That is why he is trying to get as many MPs and assemblymen to defect so that they can become testament to his so-called future promises.

And he plays the game in Sabah confidently as though the state in his hands, smiling that arrogant smile to BN, as if saying: “This is mine.”




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