Pakatan Rakyat is now wooing the women voters, promising savings and child care allowances of RM1,000 monthly, amounting to some RM3 billion a year of tax payers’ money.

Another promise, this time using the soft-motherly approach of Wan Azizah Ismail, the wife of PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim.

PKR is desperate…Anwar’s word is no longer trusted and believed by the people except the few that idolised him…other PKR leaders words are taken by the people as just empty talks in coffee shops.

Their promises are taken as just dreams of small children who loved to live in make believe world, the world like in the films where everything is rosy and beautiful, where they can get what they want.

Anwar and the rest of PKR leaders love to build this dreams and calling on the people to believe in them and their dreams which until today, majority who voted for them are disassociating themselves and distancing themselves after knowing they have taken for ‘a ride to wonderland, not real world.’

So when voters do not trust them anymore, they use Wan Azizah to tell about their dreams because they thin voters would believe her more than them…they got no more credibility.

Imagine the desperationn PR is in right now to the extent that they are willing to use the taxpayers money for this purpose just to attract the women’s votes.

Women comprise half the total voters of some 14 million and PR is trying hard to pitch them, given the situation they are in where PKR itself is losing more than half of their supporters and sympathisers.

PKR has lost much ground compared to its partners PAS and DAP and this worries Anwar who always believe he is needed and wanted by Malaysians, not inlcuding foreign powers who use him as a stooge.

For Anwar, as it stands right now, losing influence among majority Malaysians would mean he loses the trust of the foreign powers and thus, he is no longer needed, he is considered as a spent force.

Fear of such scenario made him uses Wan Azizah, after all Anwar has no qualms of using anybody to achieve his goal, he has no guilt feelings, the kind of man that foreign powers need and want.

Now Wan Azizah sells her dream, it is Anwar’s dream just for the purpose to win votes. How they would pacify the tax payers is another matter because in the first place, can they fulfill this dream?

Wan Azizah is the only leader in PKR that does not have enemies and that is why Anwar now uses her now, really and truly desperate act.