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BERITAENGLISHAnwar Will Compete In Chinese Populated Area

Anwar Will Compete In Chinese Populated Area

Anwar-Lim-Guan-EngAnwar’s announcement to ‘run’ to Perak for the coming GE13 is seen as the evidence for his cowardness to find his place to ‘land’. Recently, Anwar seem weak in going through his efforts to head to Putrajaya.

Lahad Datu incident, which he hope could help him has somehow backfired. Anwar never thought that Lahad Datu incident which he has planned for quite a while with the help from various sides, has failed in such short period of time.

Just imagine, the ones who goes against BN government in Lahad Datu were not just Sulu terrorists or MNLF with big help for weapons and funds which could have been given by big ‘entity’, the government also had to go against mysterious things, as claimed as those terrorists, as well as experience of security forces and locals.

With strong help and support, Anwar was confident that he would not have to face election, instead, he only has to wait for Sabah to get worse so that the government will be blamed, and goes weak. Next, intervention from bigger power will be called.

Despite of being reminded that there is a much bigger power than worldly power, Anwar still chooses to put Him aside. Anwar do longer hold on to qada and qadar, all because he has to face challenges as he often does things against Islamic teaching.

Thus, Anwar decided to challenge fate and keep on challenging fate to head to Putrajaya, by looking for a fresh place. Internal sources told that Anwar is no longer confident that he could get Malay votes considering that many are beginning to question him.

PAS’s rejection towards Anwar can also be seen especially during the celebration of 5 Years Of PR Leadership In Penang, not even a single PAS leader attended the celebration. Other than Nik Aziz getting senile for putting his hopes on Anwar, other PAS leaders can no longer stand being on stage with Anwar.

That is why, Anwar is said that he will try his luck in Chinese majority area. Few of possible constituencies include Ipoh Timur Parliament which belongs to Lim Kit Siang, considering that Lim Kit Siang will ‘run’ to Gelang Patah. If this is true, Anwar might be going against MCA Headquarter Youth Member which has great performance record.

Ipoh Timur Parliament recorded population as following:

Malay 13.09%, Chinese 81.07%, Indian 5.27% and Others 0.57%. On GE12, Kit Siang won with 21,942 majority votes, but the Father of DAP Temple choose to ‘run’, probably because he realize that he has not bring any change to the constituency.

Politicians who give great service, clean and do not cause any problem to voters would never want to run to other constituencies. Only those who do not serve well would run around places to look out for fresh start each time GE comes.

In Anwar’s case, he had to look for a place where voters would never question his sexual orientation which he is confused himself and had a tough time answering the matter when asked during an interview with BFM radio recently. And according to Anwar’s calculations, the Chinese might not really care about his sexual orientation issue.

Besides, the Chinese seem to really put their hope on DAP to realize their Chinese supremacy like what is happening in Penang. Thus, the probability that they would vote for Anwar is high, because Pakatan Rakyat is vital for them. Considering that Anwar has chosen to be part of Jews, obviously he will be even more prepared to be part of Chinese that he is ready to make any sort of promises, as long as it gets him to Putrajaya.

However, we believe, even if majority Ipoh Timur voters might not really care about Anwar’s real sexual orientation, we believe that they do care about the credibility and integrity of their representative.

Hopping from one constituency to another is enough to show that the representative do not have good record that he got rejected by voters, even though it was the safest place for him.

Logically, if rakyat at his own constituency decides to reject him, it would be stupid for voters in other constituencies to vote for him.

Our thoughts, it would be better for Anwar to compete in Philippine, he might get to replace Sultan Sulu without having to compete.



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