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POLITIK#AnwarBohong : Anwar Is Prepared To Retire: Proof Where PR Is...

#AnwarBohong : Anwar Is Prepared To Retire: Proof Where PR Is Too Weak


Financial Times (FT) newspaper yesterday published an interview with Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim which appeared to be quite interesting. It was rather interesting because for the first time, we could hear Anwar talk like a regular man and not as a “God’s gift” where he is the savior of mankind and that he would never back down from his fight.

Anwar said,”when we present our manifesto and policy, and of course when I am given the mandate, I would keep on fighting, if not, I would go back to teaching.”

The newspaper, also described Anwar, now 65 years old, as someone who seemed tired to gain his best chance of being a Prime Minister since he was sacked from his position as Finance Minister back in 1998 and then jailed on two charges of sodomy and power abuse.

However, PKR, Pakatan Rakyat have denied the rumor saying that Anwar would retire. According to PKR’s Secretary General, Saifuddin Nasution, the matter was never discussed either among its work committee not its political bureau.

Malaysians generally have witnessed how Anwar seemed to be tired day after day even though his daughter, Nurul Izzah did make a statement saying that her father is a great man – physically and mentally that is. But what we can see nowadays is that Anwar’s appearance have seemed to be a bit low day by day, not sure whether it is because of health, spirit or mental issues for really wanting to be the next PM.

Despite that, whoever follows Anwar’s update would definitely question whether he would retire. Even if he can, Anwar would still fight to become the next PM because he believe that he decides his own fate.

Anwar has never admit defeat, even though he had lost for a few times, secrets revealed and his naked body exposed to the world, Anwar remain cool, denying everything.

Thus, how can we believe that Anwar would want to retire if PR lose in the coming GE?

Many believe that Anwar simply want to raise sympathy. Anwar also wishes to sweep off the ‘power crazy’ image from him. Anwar want to be seen as a humble leader and not a leader of a group of rebels. He is hoping that rakyat would give him the chance to win this time around.

But, if we are to analyze on the political updates these days, no one can deny the fact that Anwar is no longer relevant and it is not impossible that he realize the fact as well.

All of his racial political games have been broken. All of his promises have been proven to be mere illision. All of his rhetorics were just fantasy.

Anwar only fights with words and personality which changes from time to time, following his audience.

His party, PKR only stays in between PAS and DAP. Even though Anwar is the Leader behind the three parties, PKE itself do not have any significance in Malaysian politics. The party which often change its name no longer have any wise leader that could really lead. Rumor has it that putting the name of candidates was hard for the party because they could not find those who are fit enough to lead.

Just like how Anwar tarnished the name of UMNO when he was there, he i doing the exact thing in PKR today. Everyone in the party would fight against one another, chasing for posts and money.

That is why it is not impossible that Anwar has gotten tired and that he would retire if they lose again. He is tired from the constant acting and lying. But, if he wins, he would still need to act and lie. And how long can a man live in lies before he gets mental?

Perhaps Anwar is regretting his actions and he is slowly trying to accept his fate.

Whatever it is, if he really retire soon, we would like to congratulate him and thank god that without him in this country’s political arena, the country would be in peace and harmony.



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