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Anwar Ibrahim the chameleon lamented or rather commented: “Problem with the Muslim psyche…people are easily enraged and emotional.” That was his comment in an interview with a newspaper the Scotsman on Sept 24.

To the Mat Sallehs who have the chance to interview him, Anwar is portrait as the man who stands on his principle of secularism, a bit Islamic and of course liberal in all aspects of life, contradicting his own Islamic principles and the obvious is intelligent.

And as far as he is concern, he does not care about feelings…feelings of love and loyalty to a person or religion or whatever. He cares only for himself, for his ambition and goal.

The recent video that ran down Prophet Muhammad sparked anger in the hearts of most Muslims who love Islam and the Prophet but for Anwar, he cares for nothing.

That was why in the interview he said the Muslims were emotional and easily angered, without even feeling slighted by the fun made in the video of the Prophet and of Islam.

He has no feelings whatsoever on the sanctity of the religion which no one should make fun of unless the video depicted intellectual issues about Islam that can be debated on with intellectual and rational minds.

Anwar is obviously playing to the gallery of Jews and Christians who are powerful international power brokers who could help him achieve his ambition – to be Prime Minister of Malaysia – an obsession that he has lived with the past two decades.

He would do anything to be at Putrajaya and what his comments were carefully crafted so that he would not hurt the feelings of non-Muslims in Malaysia – the members and supporters of his allies in particular chauvinistic DAP and non-Muslims members and supporters of his party PKR.

Anwar has no qualms about giving slanted comments, about giving out comments that can be read in many ways just to safe himself from being branded as fundamentalist because such brand would jeopardise his chance of getting international support and support from non-Muslims in the country.

So he plays safe with his comments, without any feelings of guilt towards the Prophet and Islam, as he always is, no guilty feelings on anything…probably even to himself.

He sounded intelligent to the west and even to non-Muslims here and he truly sounded exactly like Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham on the subject – obvious that birds of same feathers flock together.

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