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BERITAENGLISHAnwar's Mistake In Lahad Datu Incident #SabahIntruders

Anwar’s Mistake In Lahad Datu Incident #SabahIntruders

Muka macam saya... badan pun macam saya.. tapi tang perut tak sama. hihihi

‘Anwar is the mastermind behind Lahad Datu Incident’ has been a statement which everyone is starting to believe in. It is not too hard to accept this matter when Anwar himself had proven the statement through his actions and response regarding this incident even before and after it happened.

Few of the most obvious ones would be Anwar’s ‘song’ which he sang in a few of his Malaysian ceramah tour series which goes like,”Tanya Sama Najib, Mengapa Kau Goyang, Nanti Jawab Najib, Sabah Dah Hilang.” (Let’s ask Najib, Why are you scared, Najib answered, Sabah is gone). Anwar’s song in a few of the ceramah series has gone viral on YouTube, leaving his supporters speechless.

Question is, why would Anwar sing that kind of song if he is not the mastermind behind the attempt to threaten the government in making Sabah ‘disappear’? This matter is then supported with Tian Chua when he Tweeted by saying that he went to the Philippines a few days before the incident started. Pictures of Anwar’s secret meeting with MNLF Chairman, Nur Misuari, is the base towards Anwar’s involvement.

Anwar tries to deny his involvement with the excuse that the invaders are not among MNLF, instead, they are Sulu army. However, even before he gets to talk more to defend himself, a few reports mentioned that a few of those invaders have been identified as ‘Misuari’s men’ or MNLF. And now, Nur Misuari proved his involvement as he tries to be the ‘middle man’.

The fact is, Anwar have made a lot of mistakes in this Lahad Datu incident and his actions in wanting to sue local media just because they quoted reports published by new agencies Reuters and Manila Post regarding his involvement. has to be the biggest mistake. Even Anwr’s blog only mentioned a thing or two to Utusan and TV4 to take back his statement, without even touching on Reuters and Manila Post.

What is more interesting is that Anwar’s threat towards the reporter who asked on his involvement where Anwar said,‘You ulang, I saman’ (You repeat, I sue), is now becoming a joke, making those undecided voters think that Anwar is really involved.

Anwar also do not dare to criticize, or even sue Philippine President, Benigno Aquino who also suspect him as the mastermind, after looking at intelligence report.

If we are to look at Anwar’s statement on this incident, we would find that he did not even criticize the invasion made by Sulu people or MNLF, instead, most of his statements only revolves around criticizing the Malaysian government as well as the performance of our security force.

Clearly, Anwar is really being careful so that he would not insult the invaders.

Considering that Anwar is the champion in issues of identity card and citizenship in Sabah, it is weird to see the fact that Anwar do not question Sulu ethnic’s citizenship in the state. Many are criticizing such loose citizenship requirements, Anwar should have proposed that their citizenship should be revoked. However, this did not happen, Anwar did not even say anything about Sulu people.

Perhaps Anwar is beginning to lose his ‘talents’ in acting that he forgot how to act as a real hardcore nationalist who should be real patriotic? Whatever it is, we understand that it is hard for Anwar to play too many characters at once. There is no way Anwar can play as a nationalist criticizing Sulu or MNLF because they are the ‘tool’ and ‘bait’ for him to be in power. In short, they work for him.

Thus, Anwar is only repeating the same script over and over again where ‘he will sue Utusan malaysia, TV3 and anyone who asks questions which he can never answer’, and he would keep on criticizing UMNO, BN and Malaysian government over everything that happened in Lahad Datu, Semporna, or anywhere around the world!

And this is the only thing Anwar can do for now, mistakes.




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