#ArabSpring : Ikhwan Muslimin And PR Are Two Different Parties #pakdin.my

The success of Party FJP who placed their candidates including Ikhwan Muslimin, Dr. Mohamed Morsi is seen by Pakatan Rakyat as an inspiration. According to the Opposition Leader, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, like what was proposed by Harakah, which is Fikrah, the victory of Dr. Morsi and the changes which happened in the Arab world today could be spread to Malaysia with the attitude which rakyat are showing nowadays.

In a way, Anwar had also proven the fact that he really has the intention to bring down the government with violence like what was done by the Egyptians.

For really wanting to be the next Prime Minister, Anwar has always imagined himself being in line with other Freedom fighters such as Aung Suu Kyi, Ghandi etc. And when Egypt suffered rebel and when Morsi was taken as the President, Anwar quickly described himself as Morsi, and his party, Pakatan Rakyat, as Ikhwan Muslimin.

The fact is, Morsi and Anwar are two very different people. PR and FJP with PR are two very different parties. While in PAS, even PAS, the party which ‘appears’ to be the most Islamic party, is not as same as Ikhwan Muslimin.

First, during the era of Mubarak, Ikhwan Muslimin can only compete on free ticket because the organization was not acknowledged. While Anwar and any of his parties’ rights have never been denied his rights to compete on party ticket.

Even though Ikhwan Muslimin brings the image of Conservative Islam, but it is not as same as PAS. Ikhwan Muslimin does not put aside their mission objective just to win election. They kept Islam as a platform with a much open approach. If back then, the party would push women to the side, but today Ikhwan Muslimin only limits the position of women in politics where they cannot become candidates, but they are allowed to be members of the cabinet.

Thus, this is why this party is vastly different to be compared to PKR who puts Wan Azizah, Anwar’s wife as the President.

Because the platform that is implemented by Ikhwan Muslimin is Islam, so the party do not bring any open aspiration and as liberal as PKR where they support the gays and acknowledge their fight on the name of human rights.

Morsi, Egypt’s new President is a leader with caliber and has a good personality, something that is far apart from Anwar who has been proven to be a sod and often abuses his power. Morsi also do not have any scandals with prostitutes like Anwar.

That is why we see that Anwar putting himself at the same level as Morsi is actually a form of insult.

The only reason why Egyptians rebelled was because of the economic breakdown which then effected the lives of its people. Earlier this year, the financial reserve of the country was only left with USD10 billion, compared to USD36 billion which they had before the riots. Foreign investments also stopped due to the decreasing number of tourists.

Due to that, subsidies had to be withdrawn and the price of food and routine items went up more than twice from its original price. The percentage of unemployment also went up to 12 – 24 percent, compared to 9 – 12 percent prior to the riots.

Malaysians never really had to go through all of that. Instead, we are one of the fanciest countries in this region. Thus, why do we need to rebel and suffer like how Egyptians suffered, just to turn Anwar as the Prime Minister.

Even then, we still do not know what to expect about Morsi, whether he could become a better leader than Mubarak. If we are to see his first four measures as President, we could find that he does not have a very good long-term vision.

The four measure are:

1. To donate his salary to those in need.

2. Prohibiting his pictures to be put on walls of government building and to print any congratulatory adverts for him in papers.

3. Promising that he would sentence those who killed rioters by prosecuting the former President and Home Minister.

4. Ordering authorities to lessen up the amount of escort vehicles for the President so that the would not be any traffic congestion.

If that is the only thing that the President demand for, it seems that Egypt would be in the same position (growth) for a while going down slowly, or waiting for another riot to come up.

Thus, Malaysians should think again before they gamble with their lives by following Anwar’s orders to follow exactly what the Egyptians did