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BERITAAudit 2011 - Report Proves Misappropriation In Kedah

Audit 2011 – Report Proves Misappropriation In Kedah

The ‘Islamic’ government in Kedah seems unable to prove any integrity nor high level of transparency like what is taught by Islam. Even though the audit report for the state in general was recorded as satisfactory, it could still be questioned or even rejected considering that there are still 31.8% from 22 state government agencies which failed to hand in their financial statement according to the deadline.

However, this is still better than last year where 43% of its state government agencies failed to hand in their financial statement according to deadline.

Despite that, this increase does not show any improvement in terms of performance because from 17 State Departments/Agencies, only 3 were rated as excellent and given four stars.

While another 12 State Departments/Agencies were in good condition with 3 Stars. 2 of its State Departments/Agencies , Pendang District Council and Kulim District Office were average with 2 Stars.

Kedah State Government also in 2011 still remains its deficit spending as same as its previous years. Kedah’s Statement of Financial Position in the other hand shows the amount of RM252.36 million, a decrease of RM75.92 million or 23.1% compared to RM328.28 million in 2010.

Excess of Current Income was recorded at RM2.39 million, a decrease worth RM20.11 million.

The failure in implementing a few main projects by subsidiary companies under the Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kedah (PMBKed) is one of the reasons why the state government suffers loss.

Projects such as logging and farming in Papua New Guinea, Project 99 East in Langkawi and the project of kerpan shrimp, rubber palm oil plantation recorded loss with audit note stating weaknesses in forms of implementation, agreement and observation.

It seems that this is a clear evidence showing that PAS’s Ulama leaders in Kedah are not able to show better performance than non-Ulama leaders in other states.

Despite that, what is more shocking with Kedah’s audit report was when the issue of Kedah PAS Government had paid RM2.55 million to five unregistered contractors with the Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor to develop projects at Taman Seri Gemilang, Seberang Terus Flat, Taman Wira, Alor Malai Flat ,Simpang Kuala Flat, Tonkang Yard Flat and Taman Kota Nelayan was revealed.

It gets even worse when the Director for five of the construction companies has family ties between one another. Not just that, the payment to the contractors showed serious lack of transparency where RM500,000 was paid by using the name of other company and claims were made repeatedly.

It is clear that the Ulama leadership and transparent government like what is being preached by Pakatan Rakyat is just mere hypocrisy.

When the fact is, all these while, PAS Kedah has been hiding behind those ‘Islamic’ billboards around the state. They still do practice cronyism and corruption other than obvious and clear weaknesses when it comes to performance like what was recorded in the note which was given by the National Audit Department.



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