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BERITAAudit Report Proves Government's Efficiency

Audit Report Proves Government’s Efficiency

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The Audit report for year 2011 which was presented today has been receiving good responses from various sides. Auditor General, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang presented federal government’s revenue worth RM185.42 billion, an increase of RM25.77 billion or 16% compared to 2010.

LHDN’s collection also increased with 26.7% from year 2010, making the total revenue to RM109.61. The report also showed performance of LHDNM Branch for audit activities for individuals with business income got better considering 12 (70.6%) from 17 branches had achieved/surpassed their target which was following the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which was already set.

On average, all departments and ministries had shown increase in revenue and performance. This includes the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) which managed to raise import duties in total of RM8.704 billion, their highest collection in five years since 2007, RM5.965 billion.

From 456 2011 Financial Statements on the government and agencies under it which were audited, 388 of then had been awarded with Audit Certificate Without Reprimand and only 25 financial statements received Audit Certification with Reprimand as it has a few accounting standards which was not fully followed. While another 43 others are still under auditing process.

Compared to 2010, a number of 368 financial statements were given Audit Certificate Without Reprimand and another 33 with Audit Certification with Reprimand.

The increase which was recorded in a way proved that transformation programs which was implemented had shown great results.

With the Budget presentation which receives warm welcome from rakyat, this audit report is expected to provide positive impact in terms of politics towards ruling party. And with the Alternative budget which was provided by the opposition seemed very weak, rakyat’s support towards ruling party is expected to increase drastically, especially among business owners.

Basically, rakyat is getting more and more confident with the ruling party, even if they are still undecided, they would never gamble their future by choosing something that is uncertain.



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