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BERITAENGLISHAzlan Did Not Deny Saiful Was Sodomized

Azlan Did Not Deny Saiful Was Sodomized

Unable to respond to the issue of Sulu invasion, Pakatan Rakyat obviously depends on the ‘U-turn’ made by Saiful Bukhari’s father, Azlan Mohd Lazim, to save a little of Anwar’s credibility which is ruined.

The statement made from press conference said,”I, Azlan Mohd Lazim, believe that my son, Saiful Bukhari was used by irresponsible sides. They are the mastermind behind all sodomy charges made against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which involves my son,” With that, he would like to apologize to Anwar openly and face-to-face.

According to Azlan, the sodomy charge made on Anwar by his son, was just a political conspiracy. He also accused our national leader by saying,”I believe that my son was used by some sides for the sake of their political interest, with the contents published by the media planned and set by special officer for the senior leader of this country.”

He also said that he was involved in the charge by saying that he had to read a ‘script’ which was prepared to him because he ‘loves his child’. However, Azlan did not directly deny that Saiful was sodomized by Anwar.

According to Azlan, this ‘U-turn’ is made because he feels uncomfortable after ‘collecting information’ as well as ‘word from the public’ but he admits that he has never talk to any leaders. Azlan said, everything was planned from a special officer.

If it is true, all of Azlan’s statement, we cannot help but to ask, what was Azlan thinking when he ‘read’ the script to ‘accuse Anwar’ and how did he feel as he sits beside Saiful as his son took the oath in a mosque.

We need to remember that Saiful had sworn on this matter. That is why it is not surprising when he denied his father’s statement on this matter as seen in most social networking sites and alternative media,”my father is used, I will not change my stand. Thinking of the next move, I do not want to rush in this” – Saiful Bukhari.

The public is aware that Saiful’s father used to be one of Anwar’s strong supporters. He knew Anwar personally and he was with Anwar at the National Mosque during the reform era. Getting the news where his son works for Anwar was a great pride for him.

He could not really accept the fact Saiful was sodomized by Anwar but he had no choice as evidence came about. He was devastated when his son lost the case and kept on making media statements defending Saiful. He rebutted everyone, including the Bar Council as they tried to stop his son from making any appeal. Finally, thanks to his hard work, the case is now under the hands of the Court of Appeal.

However, all of the sudden, as Anwar fail to runaway from Sulu issue, Anwar suddenly decides to make a U-turn and say that Saiful never really share the details an he only hears the story through the media.

Could that be true? After getting in and out of the house, court, lawyer’s office and Mecca with his son, they never really talk about this in detail?

What kind of U-turn is this? How can Azlan claim that the rulers are conspiring if he never met any of them directly? What is the credibility of his statement if it is just based on information taken by himself and words from the public?

Is Azlan’s press conference more credible than the oath taken on Mecca or evidence shown in court?

It is not that tough for people to see through this issue, except for Anwar loyal worshippers.

Anwar is unable to shift our focus away from Sulu issue, no matter what he does.

Sulu issue revolves around the lives of rakyat and the country’s sovereignty. Azlan’s issue is more of the issue of his son and his family’s dignity. Perhaps Azlan does not have any dignity that it could simply be bought at a certain price. However, he is lucky that he has a good son as Saiful stood with his stand, even when he has no choice but to go against his own father.



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